T,L 03: A Reconciliation

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Part III — A Reconciliation

Amber woke me up with a light kiss on the lips. We were still naked and damp from the night before. She smiled and gazed into my eyes.

“Last night was perfect. Thank you for everything.”

I felt a rush of guilt rush over me. I cheated on my wife. Even though she had just cheated on me, I wasn’t able to stop myself from feeling bad for fucking Amber. I felt anger towards her, even though she hadn’t done anything.

“is everything ok?”

“I cheated on my wife.”

She stared at me blankly, “but she cheated on you first.”

Her voice trembled a bit and I could see she was getting upset.

“Yeah, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Yesterday was a lot. Last night was special and you are a doll. I just shouldn’t have…”

“No, I shouldn’t have. It’s my fault. I just…”

“Stop it Amber. You did nothing wrong. You had no responsibility to my wife in this scenario. You didn’t coerce or force me into anything. We both felt the connection and I was the one who should have stopped it.”

“Don’t do that to yourself, Tim. What happened, happened. I’m glad it happened and it makes me sad that you regret it, but I get it. But your wife isn’t innocent either so don’t beat yourself up about it.”

“Please don’t be sad about it. It means a lot to me. I know we barely know each other, but you mean a lot to me.”

We each took showers and went to breakfast after I checked out of the motel. The conversation was scant. Our little tryst was over and we both had big days ahead of us. Amber was off to start her new life and I had to go back to try to figure out if I could piece together my old life.

At the bus terminal, we waited together until it was time for her to leave. We were both excited, but also a little sad. We really had a connection.

“Tim, go be with your wife. Do whatever you can to make it work.”

Her final words to me hit home as she whispered in my ear.

“Good luck Amber, you’re going to be ok. I promise.”

I watched as she disappeared out the door, her pink suitcase rolling out of site in the sea of travelers. What a crazy weekend. It felt like I lived two different lives in the last three days. I knew Amber was right. I had to figure things out with Leslie and the truth is, she just lost control and broke the rules. She didn’t have feelings, but I did.


Thinking about Leslie for the first time without even a hint of anger, my guilt again overwhelmed me. She lost control in an out-of-control situation. It was bad for sure, but I just had a full-blown relationship over the last 24 hours. I had feelings for Amber. Not in love or anything, but we connected and I definitely cared for her as I would a girlfriend. Hell, I missed her before I even pulled out of the parking lot.

The situation with Leslie was already complicated enough and now this. ‘How in the fuck am I supposed to deal with everything?’ My mind raced for the entire hour drive home, going over a million scenarios, the anxiety building inside of me.

I was a mess of emotions when I pulled up to our apartment and saw Leslie’s car still out front. I had no doubts everyone would figure out how to get back, but I guess I just hoped I’d get home and have more time to prepare. She should have been at work. I was nervous as I approached the front door, stopping to take a big deep breath before I twisted the knob.


The knob ripped out of my hand as Leslie flung open the door and grabbed me tight, immediately bawling and repeating “I’m sorry” over and over again. I squeezed her tight. God, she felt good. I love her so much.

We sat down at the kitchen table holding hands next to each other. I attempted to console her by letting her know I knew exactly what happened. It was a crazy situation, everyone was drunk, and her lust got the better of her. I told her that I knew she loved me and it had nothing to do with me, or us, it was just a crazy situation that got out of control.

She told me how they heard me scream and walked around looking for me for over an hour, then got an Uber back to the house, renting a car to get back home when they couldn’t get a hold of me. Tears poured out of her eyes the entire time.

As the conversation calmed, I began feeling uneasy. ‘Should I tell her about Amber? What would I even say? It’s over, does it matter? Am I about to drop an emotional bomb on this situation just to ease my own guilt?’

“Where did you go?”

The question cut through me like a knife, even though I knew it was coming. With a big deep breath, I made the decision to be completely honest. Our relationship has always been very open and honest, even when we knew the truth was going to be painful. I had no other choice.

I told her everything. Every detail. We sat at the table for over an hour, both weeping as I confessed my sins, having to pause for the sobs to subside enough to even communicate. She wiped the tears from her cheek, new tears immediately replacing them.

“I’m not in any istanbul travesti place to be angry with you, but this hurts a lot. I don’t even know what to say… I guess it’s all even now.”

“No Leslie, it’s not even. The situations were completely different. You lost control. I was…”

“Tim, I don’t want to do this. It’s fine. I mean, it’s not fine. It hurts. It hurts a lot. I feel sick. But, I love you. I want to put this behind us and forget about it forever.”

We stood and hugged each other, both feeling relief even though we were still in pain. The rest of the evening was quiet as we struggled for normalcy. The next morning was similar, we went through our usual motions and went to work.

For the rest of the week things seemed to almost like old times, the only exception was an obvious distance between us and no sex. We had sex a couple of times per week regularly and after hooking up with Dan and Maria, we fuck like bunnies every day for at least two weeks. Of course, given the circumstances, it felt right to have the space between us.

“I don’t think I’m up for anything this weekend, can we just be lazy?”

I had no objections as I hung my keys by the door and made my way over to give Leslie a kiss. She looked tired, but still looked sexy in her scrubs. I dropped my hand down the small of her back over her big ass and gave it a little squeeze. She smiled.

“I’m glad you still love me.”

“What are you talking about?”

Leslie, voice trembling and tears in her eyes, confessed to me that she didn’t feel ok. She kept thinking of Amber and even though she knew her actions in the club gave her no leg to stand on, she still felt betrayed and jealous. Truth was, we were both faking it all week. Neither of us were ok.

“I know. Everything is so fucked up on so many levels. I went from excited and horny to wanting to kill myself, then just wanting to self-destruct and get revenge and finally feeling like a hero, ending up caring for someone. I felt guilty. I feel guilty. I wish I could go back and just got a separate room. I know that doesn’t help, but it’s the truth. There’s nothing more to come of Amber. In fact, she actually told me to make things work with you. She recognized my love for you. I don’t want some girl or some big dick in a club to get between us. Well, I mean, unless we’re feeling frisky.”

My joke fell flat, doing nothing to ease the tension. Leslie’s quivering lip and the tears accumulating in her eyes made me wish I hadn’t even tried. I continued trying to reassure her.

“If that shit didn’t happen with Amber, I’m not sure I’d be standing her talking to you right now. I should have never fucked her, but I was a mess and connecting with someone away from our lives really helped put things in perspective. I might have killed myself. I don’t know If I could have actually done it, but that was my intention. All I can say now is that she’s hundreds of miles away and you’re my best friend. I want to grow old with you. I refuse to let anything come between us. We are both hurting, but I’m convinced we’ll get through this.”

We wept together, eventually pulling ourselves together and spent the rest of the weekend easing back into our lives, knowing we had a long hard road ahead of us. We spent months relearning what it was to be ourselves within our relationship.

I couldn’t sleep. This project at work was crushing my soul. Leslie quietly snored beside me. She was so cute. It had been 9 months since that crazy weekend and we were stronger than ever. We took a long break from playing with Dan and Maria, but were still hanging out for dinners and events pretty regularly.

Our sex life was full steam ahead and we had just started discussing opening things back up again with our favorite couple. As I scroll through my Facebook feed, a notification pops up. A new friend request from an ‘Amber Poole’ with a profile photo of a cute black lab. ‘I don’t know any Am…’

“Oh shit!”

‘How in god’s name did she find me? Why did she find me? Fuck me, is she pregnant or something? I swear to god I didn’t cum in her. Or did I. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.’

I placed my phone on the nightstand and stared at the ceiling fan. ‘What in the fuck am I going to do?’

My mind raced all night and I didn’t get a wink of sleep. Leslie’s alarm sent a panic through my body as she shut it off and slipped out of the bed.

“You’re awake?”

“Yeah, I didn’t get any sleep at all.”

She sat beside me on the edge of the bed.

“I know that project is intense, but Christ Tim, you need some rest.”

My heart sank. I had to tell her.

“Leslie, that’s not just it. I got a friend request on Facebook… from Amber.”

Her face dropped and her hand recoiled off my leg. I could see the pain in her eyes.

“What did she want?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t accept it. I saw it and put my phone down and have been freaking out ever since.”

She gets up and shuffles away from me towards the bathroom. I hear the nerves istanbul travestileri in her voice as her mind went exactly where mine did.

“Do you think she’s pregnant?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t know. I don’t know… I’m just going to ignore it.”

“No Tim. You can’t ignore it. What if she is pregnant? Are you just going to abandon your child? You’re not that guy and we both know it.”

She was right. I had to know. We shared few words the rest of the morning, but Leslie again reiterated that I need to find out. She assured me that we would make it work however we could. Leslie still loved me, but the hurt was palpable.

I didn’t feel like I could do it. My finger hovered over the ‘ignore’ option, but I forced myself to hit ‘accept.’ I half expected my feed to start blowing up with sonogram pictures and baby shit, but nothing happened. I started at my phone for 10 minutes; nothing.

My day was a blur, but thankfully a big contract went through which lifted a ton of pressure from my shoulders. I actually forgot about the whole Amber situation and was excited to tell Leslie about my breakthrough at work.

It was talking a mile a minute when I walked in behind Leslie stirring a pot of her grandma’s ‘famous’ marinara that tickled my nose along with the faint scent of fish in the oven. I steamrolled her with all the details of my day, unable to contain my excitement. She just stared at me as if I had told her the weather; no emotion at all.

“And Amber.”

“Fuck. I’m sorry. I got so busy, I totally forgot about it. I did accept her request.”

Pulling out my phone and unlocking the screen, I clicked the app and saw I had a new message. My stomach turned as I clicked on it.

“Oh thank God.”

After scanning her message for keywords like ‘pregnant’ and ‘baby’ I realized there was nothing of the sort in it. It was just a thank you letter, no mention of sex or anything else. Just Amber thanking me for everything I did and letting me know she was doing well. I read the whole thing to Leslie — ‘saved my life’, ‘got a job and started school’, ‘got a car’, ‘hoping everything worked out with your wife’, etc.

“She seems like a really sweet girl.”

Leslie’s sincerity was evident. I could tell it was a big relief for her.

“You should write her back, obviously you helped her a lot.”

I was a little surprised, but I know how my wife thinks. She was the sweetest person in the world and it would bother her forever if I just ghosted someone who cared for me, even under these circumstances.

Writing Amber back, I dictated every word to Leslie. I kept it short, telling her things were going well, thanking her for the message, and congratulating her on her success. My phone buzzed as I started place it on the counter, Amber had responded.

‘Did you tell your wife the truth?’

‘Of course I did. She’s my best friend. I’m always honest with her, even when it’s hard not to lie.’

‘Tim, you’re the best. I’m so happy everything worked out for both of us.’

Leslie pulled the fish from the oven and we sat down to eat, both of us glad everything was indeed, normal again. We cuddled on the couch and watched a terrible romcom on Netflix before bed. As I made my way around our place turning off the lights and double-checking the lock on the door, I heard Leslie from the bathroom.

“Amber just sent me a friend request.”

I couldn’t tell how she felt by her voice from that distance, so I said nothing as I made my way into the bedroom. I peered into the bathroom to see Leslie’s thumbs furiously working her phone, a look of focus on her face.

“What’s going on?”

Leslie looked at me with love in her eyes. As soon as she accepted the friend request, Amber wrote her a little note telling her how happy it made her that we had worked things out. She told Leslie that I meant a lot to her, but ‘not like that.’ I had saved her life and she would forever be in my debt.

“And what did you say?”

“I just told her she was really sweet and I was really lucky. I also told her I’m glad you helped her that day and I’m proud you’re my husband.”

We had amazing sex that night. Passionate love-making. We never ‘made love’; we fucked. This was different, more slow, more sensual, less about getting off and more about connecting as husband and wife. It was beautiful, but Leslie joked, “next time you’re going to fuck me silly.”

Weeks went by and we were totally back into the swing of things, literally. We had a nice dinner with Dan and Maria one random Tuesday, going back to their place and swapping for foreplay like we always had. Our lives were 100% back on track and it was wonderful.

“I have a surprise for you. Hope you aren’t upset.”

Leslie couldn’t contain her excitement, but also seemed a little unsure.

“Uh oh, what’s going on?”

“We are going to have a guest next weekend.”

I felt like I was dreaming as Leslie broke things down for me. Amber had been chatting off with her on and off ever since travesti istanbul that first night. They became friendly and Leslie decided she wanted to meet this girl who held me in such high regard.

Blown away. I still can’t believe it to this day. It was hard for me to wrap my head around her explanation.

She talked about how it wouldn’t be right to deny someone access to people who help them in such profound ways. She knew Amber wasn’t a threat to her and she’d like to meet someone who looked at me like a hero.

“Ok, seems crazy, but ok.”

When I walked through the door that Friday evening, I was greeted first with a big deep kiss from Leslie and then immediately after with a big hug by Amber.

“Hi Tim!”

She looked fantastic. Her hair was now to her shoulders, straight, natural, clean. She wore just a splash of makeup that made her already pretty face radiate even more. She had put on a little weight, still thin, but looking very healthy. She was wearing a tight pink t-shirt with what I’m guessing is a band’s name across the chest and a pair of white jean shorts, painted onto her noticeably thicker thighs.

We ate dinner and chatted at the table for a couple of hours. Leslie was very handsy with me all night. She kept her chair close; her hands rubbed my thigh and she leaned on me constantly. We were an affectionate couple, but this was clearly more than normal.

“You’re going to fuck me hard right now Timothy!”

I was shocked as I came out of the bathroom from my shower. Leslie was laying on the bed facing me, her thick legs spread wide, toying her pussy through her red lacey body suit. She squeezed her big soft tits together with her arms as she stretched to spread her pussy. The curves of her thick body instantly made me hard.

Dropping my towel and kneeling next to the bed, I pulled her lingerie aside and began tonguing her swollen bald pussy. Her hot plump lips greeted my mouth as I devoured her completely. I worked her pussy as if I had something to prove, and apparently, I did.

Leslie was moaning very loudly, almost to the point of silliness as I tongued her depths. My hand moved up her body, squeezing and pulling on every soft inch from belly to breast.


It was ridiculous, but also hot. She was flat out screaming. I stood and slammed my hard dick right into her sloppy wet mound.


I pounded hard, our bodies loudly slapping together so hard that it hurt my thighs.


Honestly, I couldn’t even tell if it was true, but those are magic words to my dick. She says them and I start cumming. Works out perfectly almost 100% of the time.


I never talk like that, but I had to play my part. I pulled my pulsating cock out and Leslie slipped off the bed in front of me and took every last drop into the back of her throat, massaging my flexing balls the entire time.


It all felt a little silly, but I knew that’s what she wanted. Her real intentions of this weekend came to light. She wanted to meet Amber and assert her claim on me. She later admitted that she wanted to see if there was something there and if so, she wanted to absolutely crush it.

“I think you proved your point,” I said with a laugh.

“Too obvious?”

“I dunno Leslie, let’s ask the neighbors tomorrow.”

The next morning, I woke up to an empty bed and the smell of bacon lofting through the air. Leslie was at the stove pulling a few pieces out of the pan, looking incredible in her short blue robe. She rarely wore it, despite my constant encouragement. I loved how the thin silky fabric laid on her curves and every jiggle teased what lied beneath.

I moved in behind her as she cracked an egg into a pan, running my hands around her waist and over her big tits, pushing my semi-hard cock between her cheeks and bending to nibble her ear.

“Wow, you two are really something!”

Amber’s voice came from nowhere, making us both jump.

“Oh shit, sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt, but it smells fantastic in here.”

Notwithstanding our intimate history, I felt a little awkward standing there with an obvious erection bulging in boxers in front of Amber. I shuffled around trying to hide it and sat down at the table. Leslie just gave Amber a nod and continued cooking.

“Anything I can do to help?”

I think Amber may have felt the hint of awkwardness in the air as she moved in next to Leslie.

“Sure, can you get the bread from the pantry and start on the toast?”

Sitting back and watching the two of them wrap up breakfast, I was feeling quite aroused. Leslie’s thick body swaying under the silky robe. Amber’s little hard nipples teasing through her oversized sleep shirt that barely covered her little shorts, giving the illusion of nothing beneath.

“I want to take Amber out today, get our nails done, girl talk, ya know.”

I didn’t know. ‘I get that she was marking her terrirotry, but now she’s going to take her out for the day. Is she going to threaten her or something crazy?’ That’s not her style, but this was already very strange.

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