The Sharing Wife

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My wife hates the office get togethers, she has nothing in common with my colleagues or their spouses. She finds the dinners particularly annoying, they start with everyone sucking up to the boss and his wife, then the alcohol kicks in, the Romeo’s come out trying to pick someone up, the girls start bitching against each other or everyone in general. Then we move to the tears and spewing.

“I know Sam you don’t like these events but I have to go,” I said.

“I know Mark but I can still complain about it,” Sam said.

“Ha ha, of course you can,” I said “But look on the bright side there’s a club at the venue and you can always sneak off to that.”

“Oh I’ll do that and maybe more,” she said with a laugh.

We finished getting dressed, I was wearing a suit, Sam was wearing a black evening gown, it was low cut and clung to every curve of her body, it had a split running up to her thigh.

Sam looked gorgeous at 40 she still had a body of a 20 year old, all the other women will hate her and the men will be drooling over her, it happens at every event. This is one aspect that she does enjoys, she is a tease deep down.

After we made our entrance and received our standard 10 minutes of stares, the party went pretty much as predicted.

Once the drunks outnumbered the sober Sam disappeared as she said she would, unfortunately I had to stay, being a department head had certain responsibilities and looking after the drunks at a company event was one of them. I looked at my watch, 10pm, two hours to go, at least I wasn’t alone Ted who was another department head was still here with his wife.

Around 11pm we started pouring drunks into taxis sending them home, the party was slowly winding down.

At 11.30pm I got a text from Sam, “Heading home, don’t hurry, need at least an hour.”

I smiled the night was looking up.

Now Sam was bi, I knew this when we first met and it did present me with some enjoyable threesomes when her partner was willing. Sam never hid her relationships from me, most were only one night stands, I think the longest lasted about two weeks. My involvement varied, sometimes I shared the bed, sometimes I was just a spectator and other times I was just the doorman.

At midnight the bar closed and music stopped, there was only a handful of people still here. We organised lifts for them and called it an evening, I said my goodbyes to Ted and his wife and headed to get a taxi and a lift home to see what surprise Sam had for me.

I walked inside heading straight for the bedroom, the door was ajar and I could hear murmurs and giggles, the thought of a pair of naughty schoolgirls at a sleepover crossed my mind. That was a hot image.

I stood in the doorway, the curtains were open and the streetlight lit the bedroom, I could see both women lying naked in bed, kissing, hands wandering over each other bodies.

“Come in Mark,” Susan said, “This is Carol, she’s our guest tonight.”

“Hello Carol,” I said walking to the bed.

They both climbed off the bed and stood in front of me.

Sam was about 6 foot tall, with long brunette hair, her figure was athletic with large breasts, she had no real defined waist though her stomach was flat and firm it flowed to her hips, her ass was round and firm, her legs long and muscular but not large.

Standing beside her Carol was a head shorter, she had short blonde hair and petite facial features. Her legs looked as long as Sam’s but were thinner and her ass small and pert. It was in the top half of her body she lost her height, her breast were a similar size to Sam’s, the top of her body trimmed down to a narrow waist above her wide hips, I would guess that she is in her mid to late 20’s.

Another difference between escort izmir them was that Sam had a trimmed strip of hair above her pussy while Carol is shaven perfectly smooth. As we discovered later she shaves every day and each night when she goes out.

They slowly undressed me, removing my jacket then shirt, kissing each other and me as they did. I have a hairy chest, then ran their fingers through my hair, twisting and pulling it, their tongues flicking my nipples before they bit them. I have suggested to Sam I could get my chest waxed but she said she likes it hairy, it defines me as special from her other lovers.

As they sucked my nipples their hands moved to my pants, unbuckling my belt I felt two hands sliding inside the waistband of my trousers and inside my briefs. They kissed each other as one hand played with my cock and the other with my balls. I didn’t know who was holding what but didn’t care either.

Finally they removed my pants and briefs climbing back on to the bed, I removed my socks and joined them.

Sam had positioned Carol in the middle on her back, we laid either side of her on our sides, we leant over her kissing each other before turning our heads, taking turns to kiss Carol.

Part of the thrill for us when we share a women is the pleasure we give her, our love making is slow and steady, we control her, each of her orgasms excite us, building an unquenchable thirst for more. We firmly believe pleasure given is a pleasure received.

We initially imitated each other, nibbling on Carol’s earlobes, kissing up and down the side of her neck, our tongues running around her ears. Our fingers run down the front of her neck, along her chest to her breasts, then tracing around the base of her breast. Carol leant her head back, stretching her neck, offering it to our mouths, our eyes make contact as we lock our mouths on her neck, it’s time to leave our first mark on her, something to remember the night by in coming days. We suck on her neck, harder and harder, giving her matching love bites on each side of her neck.

Now we started doing our own things with her body, Sam moved her mouth to Carol’s left breast, flicking the nipple with her tongue then locking her gums around it, sucking it. Her hand on Carol’s leg, massaging her thigh, long fingernails running up and down the inside.

I spat on her nipple but my mouth returned to her neck and ear, nibbling on them as my fingers rubbed my spit over her nipple. I took her nipple between my thumb and finger, squeezing it before rubbing it. I leant over her face, my mouth closing over hers as she softly moaned, my tongues wrestled with hers, I drew hers into my mouth then gently bite down on it, holding it as my tongue flicked the tip, while I sucked the air out of her lungs.

I worked my mouth down the front of neck, following the path of my finger had taken earlier, kissing and licking my way to her nipple.

Sam was nibbling on Carol’s other nipple, her fingernails now traced around the outside of her pussy lips, brushing over the tip of her clit. Carol’s moaning got louder, we haven’t even touched her pussy and she was nearing her first orgasm.

Sam’s eyes locked with mine, a slight nod of the head, we released Carol’s nipples from our mouths, leant across her body and kissed, before our tongues danced over Carol’s breasts.

Sam was now massaging Carol’s clit as our tongues danced, flicking each other, twisting around each other.

Carol’s breathing was becoming heavier, her moans louder and more constant, I had no idea if Carol was watching us, or even if her eyes were even open. My eyes were fixed on Sam’s, looking at the pleasure and love in them as she brought Carol to her first orgasm.

I took hold izmir escort bayan of Carol’s leg, pulled it towards me, putting it between mine, my cock rested against her thigh. Sam did the same thing with Carol’s other leg.

We rubbed ourselves against Carol’s legs while we returned to kissing her breasts. Sam scooped Carol’s cum from her pussy rubbing it over Carol’s nipples then offered me her finger to suck, she did it a second time, this time sucking her finger herself. Tasting Carol’s cum made me hornier, my cock growing harder against her leg.

Our hands moved between Carol’s legs, I rubbed her clit while Sam squeezed and massaged her lips.

Carol’s had begun moaning loudly, our fingers moved between her lips, rubbed around the edge of her vagina, she was building to another orgasm.

Sam had started to moan also, she had begun grinding herself harder against Carol’s thigh.

We pushed our fingers into Carol’s vagina, one finger each to start, rubbing, massaging her harder and faster. We then pushed a second finger in, her moans were nearly screams, her hands were fists gripping the sheets, her body shaking with another orgasm.

Sam climbed off Carol’s thigh, kissing me before positioning herself over Carol’s face and lowering her pussy to Carol’s mouth. Meanwhile I moved between her legs, lying down, kissing her thighs up to her pussy. As I kissed where Sam had sat I could taste her, it excited me more as I worked my way up to Carol’s pussy.

Sam was grinding herself against Carol’s face, she moaned as Carol licked and probed her pussy with her tongue, Carol was also moaning as I licked and sucked her pussy.

My eyes trailed over Carol’s body, over her perfectly smoothed mound, along her flat stomach, over her heaving breasts to her tongue, I watched as it moved in and out of Sam’s vagina, my tongue matched the movements as I moved it in and out of Carol’s vagina.

After Sam orgasmed on Carol’s tongue they decided it was my turn to blow my first load, I moved between them, they turned upside down, pussy’s available for my fingers, mouths available for my cock and balls.

As I fingered each of their pussy’s all I could see was two heads of hair, I could feel my ball sack being pulled, they had a ball in each of their mouths, playing with it. They’re heads began bobbing up and down as lips and tongues glided up and down my shaft, occasionally lifting off my cock to kiss and tongue wrestle each other before they returned their attention to me.

I could feel my orgasm building, when they started to lick and flick around the head of my cock I knew it wouldn’t be long until I came. With tongues working my nob I felt a twitch, cum shot out of my cock, the women kept licking me as cum pumped out of my cock, first shooting up landing in their hair then running down my shaft on to their tongues.

As I recovered they climbed into a 69 position eating each others pussy, Carol was on top head buried between Sam’s legs, her pussy hoovered over Sam’s mouth. My cock grew hard again as I watched and listened to them.

I moved behind Carol and pushed my cock into her pussy, Sam stopped licking as she watched my cock moving in and out of Carol, she lifted her knees, squeezed her thighs togethers holding Carol’s head against her pussy.

I could hear Carol’s muffled moans as I fucked her, Sam was licking Carol’s pussy again as well as my cock as it moved in and out of her pussy, her fingers played with Carol’s clit. Carol’s body trembled with another orgasm, her cum coating my cock, dribbling out of her pussy on to Sam’s face. I took my cock out of Carol’s pussy feeding it to Sam who happily swallowed it sucking on it before I shoved it back into Carol.

Sam released her grip izmir escortlar on Carol’s head sliding out from under her, I was still fucking Carol as Sam positioned herself beside her, her ass sticking up in the air, they turned their heads to face each other and kissed. I shove my finger into Sam’s ass, finger fucking her ass while my cock fucked Carol’s pussy.

I moved my cock to Sam’s ass causing her to inhale loudly as I pushed myself into her, I pushed my finger into Carol’s ass causing her to jump, they were both still looking at each smiling, kissing as I began moving my cock back and forward between their asses.

They both moaned loudly as I pounded their asses, I could feel my orgasm building, I decided it was going to be Carol’s ass that received my load. I stopped swapping between them, focusing only on Carol, my cock pounding deep and hard into Carol. Sam sat beside Carol, her hand moving under her body, between her legs playing with her clit and pussy while she watched as I fucked her ass.

My cock swelled inside Carol, with a grunt I came, my cock throbbing deep inside her as I filled her with cum.

Carol had an orgasm as I came inside her, she collapsed on to the bed, my cock popping out of her ass. I watched here lying on the bed, breathing heavily, cum dribbling out of her ass and pussy. Sam leant over taking my cock in her mouth, sucking the last of my cum from it, she then moved to Carol licking the cum from her ass and pussy.

It was now Sam’s turn, we laid her on her back, Carol squatted above her breasts, positioning her pussy over a nipple, squatting lower she rubbed her pussy against the nipple. I was on my hands and knees beside Carol, my head between Sam’s legs, my cock being massaged by Carol’s hand.

After giving Sam’s breasts a good coating of her wet pussy Carol lies between Sam’s legs, she licks and fingers her pussy, I turn licking her breasts, sucking her nipples.

Sam moaned from our attention, I moved beside her head, taking hold of it I turned her to face me, she opened her mouth as I moved my cock towards it.

After a while we got Sam to roll over on to her hands and knees, I moved behind her sliding my cock into her pussy, Carol sat beside her, one hand playing with her clit, the other playing with her tit.

We soon had Sam moaning again, her pussy was soaking wet, every movement of my cock made a squishing noise. Carol had stopped playing with Sam tit and was now fingering herself as she leant over Sam’s ass watching my cock as she played with Sam’s clit.

I pulled my cock from Sam’s pussy offering it to Carol who quickly leant forward taking it in her mouth, sucking Sam’s juice of it. Taking it from Carol’s mouth I shoved it back into Sam’s pussy, coating it again with Sam’s juice then feeding Carol once more. In between servings of cock Carol was licking Sam’s ass, spitting on it, spreading the salvia with her tongue around Sam’s asshole, she then moved her hand from Sam’s clit to her ass, pushing her thumb into Sam’s ass and 2 fingers into her pussy with my cock.

As Carol’s thumb and fingers moved inside her with my cock Sam had multiple orgasms, her body trembling continuously as she squealed with pleasure, rubbing against Carol’s fingers and Sam’s pussy was too much for me, I came at the same time as Sam was having one of her orgasms.

Exhausted I collapsed on the bed, Carol had another orgasm when Sam and I did, the girls were now cleaning each other out. When they finished we all laid together dropping off to sleep.

Next morning I woke in bed alone, Sam came in with a cup of coffee.

“Morning sleepy head,” she said.

“Morning dear,” I replied.

“It was a good night after all, definitely worth you coming to my work event,” I said with a laugh.

Sam laughed back.

“Will we be seeing Carol later?” I asked.

“Carol who?” Sam said leaving the room.

Well it was fun, hope her next guest is as good, I thought sipping my coffee.

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