Just the Three of Us Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – How It Started

This story is partially based on true events. I will mark where it changes to non-true events. Names and places have been changed. Some dialogue is a little exaggerated. Also, I am not a professional writer so don’t judge on my writing.

We pull up to this hippy farm called Gusty Sheep Farm, which is weird because there are no sheep to be found. I park the car and turn off the engine. “Four hours later and we’re finally here.” I say, looking over at Danielle.

“Yeah,” she responds. “It’s going to be so much fun! Supposedly, you can pet the goats and they have horses too. There’s also supposed to be this big projector screen where they’re going to play some movies when it gets dark.” Danielle and I get out of the car and she opens the rear hatch. We grab our tent we just bought and I grab our cooler full of water and beer.

“Where should we set the tent up babe?” I ask as I shut the hatch.

We start walking as she says, “Let’s try and get a spot in the far back. I wanna have some fun tonight.” She then proceeds to wink at me as we continue to walk into the grassy area. It’s less of a farm than it is a big patch of grassy land with trees here and there surrounded by a forest and creek. We make it as far back as we can and Danielle drops the tent in the spot she wants. “Here, I like this spot!”

“Looks good to me!” I agree with her. “I can’t believe there’s already a bunch of people here and no one picked this spot. I even saw one guy playing a recorder.” I unzip the tent bag and pull out all the parts. Danielle and I spend the next half an hour putting up the tent. Next thing we know, a friend of Danielle’s has showed up and claimed a spot next to us.

“Mel!” Danielle yells. “You were able to make it after all!” She runs over to her and gives her a hug.

“Yeah,” Mel answers back. “I just called in today since they wouldn’t let me have the day off. I’m ready to get lit.” They both laugh and continue to talk. I finish up the tent and unpack our sleeping bags and set them in the tent along with our cooler.

Next thing I hear is, “Oh my God, Kristi, this place is amazing.” I instantly turn around to see Kristi. Besides my wife, this is the other female in my life that I think is gorgeous beyond belief. She’s got the same figure as my wife; thic, medium height, with big tits. What I wouldn’t do to have a threesome with her.

“Thanks, hun,” she responds back. “I’ll let my friend know. She’s the one that owns this place.” They proceed to hug each other, which gets my mind running and I start to feel a little stirring in my shorts. I turn back to the tent to calm myself down as Danielle comes up behind me and slaps me on the ass.

“I guess this place should have been called Horny Sheep Farm,” I say, while turning around.

“Oh baby, you’re so funny.” She chuckles a little bit. She then notices a little bulge in my shorts. “I guess you’re a little horny too. Need me to help with that?” She doesn’t wait for me to answer and pulls me in the tent and zips up the tent flap. She then proceeds to pull down my shorts and boxers. My cock springs out, now at full erection. “Wow baby, what’s got you so riled up?”

I don’t tell her the truth and just say, “You do baby! You mentioned having fun tonight and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that.” She smiles at me and then proceeds to take my cock in her mouth. When I say this woman gives the best blowjobs, I mean it. She slowly brings my cock in and out of her mouth while playing with my balls. She then deepthroats me without even the slightest hint of a gag. She does this for the next ten minutes, sometimes speeding up. “I’m going to cum baby!” She keeps blowing my cock and I shoot strand after strand of cum into her mouth. She takes my cock out of her mouth and swallows everything in her mouth.

“How was that baby?” She asks, standing back up.

“That was amazing!” I respond, while pulling my shorts back up. “Have I ever told you that you give the best blowjobs?”

“Oh baby, I give you the only blowjobs,” she says with a chuckle. We wait a few minutes for my cock to go limp and then Danielle unzips the tent flap. Standing right outside the tent is Danielle’s other friend Laurie. “Laurie!” Danielle yells and gives her a big hug.

“Danielle!” Laurie says back while giving Danielle a hug. They end their embrace and Laurie waves at me. I wave back unenthusiastically. Reason being, is that Laurie annoys the hell out of me. “So…I have a big favor. Can I spend the night in your tent?”

In my head I’m think, please say no. “I don’t know Laurie. We don’t have a lot of space in there. You can ask Kristi if she has an extra tent.”

“I did already. She said she didn’t. I don’t need a lot of space.” She walks over to our tent and looks in. “Oh yeah, that’s the perfect amount of space for me.”

I look at Danielle and shake my head while Laurie isn’t looking. She just shrugs her shoulders and mouths *What am I supposed to say?* Laurie looks back at Danielle and waits for an answer. “I guess you can stay in our tent.” I silently groan ugh and roll my eyes.

“Yay!” escort izmir Laurie exclaims. “We’re going to have so much fun! I brought games.”

We spend the next six hours watching this flame thrower act, eating pizza, drinking homemade wine and beer, and sitting around the fire talking. Drunk Danielle then leans over to me and whispers my biggest fantasy. “I think I’m going to ask Kristi if we can have a threesome.” She giggles and starts to stand up. She’s a little wobbly so she sits back down. “Maybe in a little bit.” She waits like five more minutes and proceeds to stand up. She stumbles around the fire place but before she’s all the way around she trips and falls into the fire. I instantly jump up, sober at this point, and run over to her and pull her up. She’s crying now but thankfully only part of her arm got burnt.

“Let’s get you to the tent so we can put some ice on that.” As we’re almost to our tent, Kristi runs over.

“Danielle, are you alright? I heard you fell into the fire.” She looks at the burn on Danielle’s arm.

“Yeah,” Danielle answers, still sobbing. “We were just headed back to the tent to put ice on it.”

“Oh no,” Kristi stops us. “That’s the worst thing you can do for a burn. Come back to my tent, I have some burn relief stuff and bandages. With my husband being part of that flame thrower act, I always keep this stuff on me. Doesn’t help that I’m a nurse and overly prepared for anything as well.” We follow her back to her tent, the whole time I’m trying not to stare at her ass cheeks that are hanging out of the bottom of her shorts. We get to her tent and she motions for us to come in. “Sit over there Danielle.” She points to a bean bag she has in the corner.

“Thank you so much Kristi,” Danielle says. “I don’t know what’s gotten in to me. I think I may have drinken too much of that homemade wine.” Kristi grabs the burn relief and bandages out of her bag. She comes over to Danielle and squirts a little of the burn relief on Danielle’s arm and slowly caresses it in. She then bandages up the arm and throws the products back towards her bag.

“How’s that feel hun?” Kristi asks. Danielle gives her a thumbs up and proceeds to hug her. “Well, so you don’t have to over-exert yourself, you can either stay in my tent tonight or you can head back to yours.”

“Well,” Danielle starts, looking over at me. “We don’t want to intrude on you and your husband. We’ll just head back to our tent, even though we have an extra guest staying in there.” I roll my eyes at the mention of Laurie staying in our tent.

“Well, Colt is actually staying in a shared tent with his circus buddies.” Kristi responds back. “I heard Laurie was staying in your tent and I know she’s a lot to handle. How about you stay in my tent with me? As you can see, you can fit like ten people in here and I can keep an eye on you to make sure your burn doesn’t get worse.”

Danielle looks over at me and I just shrug my shoulders even though in my head I’m saying *Please, please, let’s stay in this tent with Kristi*. “OK, I guess that’s fine with us,” Danielle responds. “Hunny, can you go and get our sleeping bags and pillows and let Laurie know?”

“Absolutely baby,” I say, calmly walking out of the tent. Once out of the tent and I’m sure they can’t see me anymore, I book it to our tent. I get there as Laurie is coming out of the tent.

“Hey John,” Laurie says after she sees me. “I was just coming to find you guys.”

“Yeah, sorry,” I say quickly, walking into our tent. “Kristi wants to look after Danielle to make sure her burn doesn’t get worse so we’re staying in her tent tonight. So, you have the tent all to yourself!” I grab up our sleeping bags and pillows and exit the tent. I can see Laurie is bummed that we’re not sleeping in the tent but at this point I’m in a hurry and don’t really care. “Feel free to have whatever food or drinks that are in the cooler.” I then proceed to quickly walk back to Kristi’s tent. When I get there I see the tent flap is still open and I walk in.

“Wow babe,” Danielle says. “That was quick. How’d Laurie take it?”

I put the sleeping bags and pillows down on our side of the tent. “She seems bummed so I told her she can have whatever out of the cooler.” I sit down next on my sleeping bag and shuffle my pillows around.

“Well, I’m going to get changed into my pajamas.” Kristi warns us. “Would you like me to go outside and change?”

“No, no,” Danielle replies back and I get super excited. “I’ll just have John look away. Babe, turn around so Kristi can change.” Ugh, I think to myself as I turn around but then I notice one of Danielle’s personal mirrors sticking out the top of her purse. I position myself in the right spot so I can see Kristi’s reflection perfectly. She starts by taking off her tank top. Underneath she’s wearing this see-thru black bra that is really just used for support and barely containing her tits. She then proceeds to take that off and I instantly have a semi-erection. Her tits look amazing and I’m obviously not the only one that thinks so. “Wow, Kristi!” Danielle exclaims. “You have perfect boobs. If you don’t mind me izmir escort bayan asking, how big are they?”

“Last time I was fitted, they were 38DDs,” Kristi answers. “But as you could tell earlier, my bra could barely hold them in so I’d say probably a 38DDD.”

“Holy shit, me too!” Danielle says back. They both chuckle a little bit. “I know this may be weird but do you mind if I feel them? I feel mine all the time but I’ve never felt someone else’s as big as mine.”

“Of course, hun,” she motions for Danielle to come over to her. Danielle gets up and goes over to Kristi. She then reaches out with her non-burnt arm and grabs Kristi’s right boob.

“Hold on, hold on!” I say, turning back around to face them. “If you guys are going to be grabbing each others tits, I should at least get to watch.”

“Turn around!” Danielle yells at me.

“No, no,” Kristi says. “He’s right. It’s not really fair. He can even have a feel if he wants.” Danielle thinks it over for a little bit.

“Fine,” she finally says. “But one quick grab of her other boob and that’s all.” I quickly jump up and go over to Kristi and grab her other boob. At this point, I have a massive hardon and my shorts are doing nothing to hide it. “OK baby, you can let go now.” I hold her tit for another couple seconds and then let go.

“Oh wow, John!” Kristi says, looking down at the massive tent in my shorts. “I guess someone got a rise out of my breasts.” I turn around quickly and pretend like I’m embarrassed. “No need to be embarrassed. Hopefully Danielle doesn’t get mad at me but you look like you have a pretty big penis.”

“You know what Kristi,” Danielle responds. “You’ve been so nice to us and showed us your boobs that I feel like it’s fair I show you my boobs and John shows you his penis. Hun, take off your shorts.” I look at her with the are-you-sure look and she nods her head. I start to take off my shorts as she’s taking off her top. My cock springs right out pointed right at Kristi. Danielle finishes taking off her top and starts to work on her bra.

“Holy shit John,” Kristi exclaims, looking wide-eyed at my fully erect 9 inch cock. “That is fucking huge!” Danielle finishes taking her bra off and Kristi looks over at her. “And holy shit Danielle, your tits are amazing!”

“Do you want to feel?” Danielle asks.

“Hell yeah,” Kristi reaches over and grabs both of Danielle’s tits. “These are fantastic! I could play with these all day.”

“Well, then that would leave John’s dick all lonely.” Danielle winks at me.

“Are you saying…” Kristi looks back and forth from Danielle to my cock.

“Yeah, go ahead, feel it.” Kristi lets go of Danielle’s tits and comes over to me and grabs my cock. Her eyes open wide and she looks at Danielle.

“Don’t tell my husband but this is the best cock I’ve ever held or seen!” She keeps holding on to it and discreetly moves her hand slowly up my shaft. My cock throbs in her hand and I can see a big smile on her face.

“Just wait until you feel it inside you,” Danielle says, walking over to us. She kneels down and pulls down Kristi’s shorts revealing that she’s not wearing any underwear. She’s clean shaven and has a perfect ass to go along with the rest of her body.

“Are you serious?!” Kristi starts to out right stroke my cock at the idea that I might get to fuck her soon.

“Well, we’ve already gone this far.” Danielle stands back up and takes off her shorts as well, revealing her clean shaven pussy along with the perfect ass I know all too well. She kicks them over to our sleeping bags and reaches down and grabs Kristi’s pussy. “Looks like your wet already. Babe, would you like to fuck Kristi?”

“Hell fuckin’ yes!” I exclaim. I lay Kristi down on her blow up bed and spread her legs. I can tell she hasn’t been fucked by any cocks as big as mine so I know I’m going to enjoy this. I inch up closer to her and put the tip of my cock to her pussy.

“Holy fuck!” She says loudly.

“I’m not even in yet,” I chuckle a little bit.

“I know, but just the tip of your cock on my pussy feels amazing.” She looks me in the eyes. “Please, go slow.” I listen to her request and I slip the first inch into her soaking wet pussy. “Holy shit, holy shit.” She starts to moan. I slip another couple inches inside her. “Oh god!” She moans a little louder. A little faster now, I slip another few inches in. Her eyes are closed now but I can tell she’s enjoying it. I finally push the last three inches inside her and she moans even louder. “God, this feels amazing!” I then proceed to thrust in and out of her at a faster pace and she screams ecstatically. I stop thrusting in and out and leave my cock inside her. “What are you doing? Keep going!”

“People are going to here us,” I explain to her.

“Danielle, come here,” Kristi motions for Danielle to come to her. “Kneel over my face so I can eat you out. That should keep me quiet.” Danielle comes over to Kristi and kneels over her face. Kristi starts to tongue Danielle’s pussy and now Danielle is moaning. I start to thrust again into Kristi and this time her loud moans are muffled by Danielle’s pussy.

“That’s izmir escortlar better,” I keep thrusting back and forth into Kristi as I lean forward and start to make out with Danielle. We stay this way for a couple minutes until I can feel my cock wanting to cum. I pull out of Kristi. “My cock needs to relax or this is going to be over quick. Babe, you lay down now and I’ll eat you out.”

“Ok,” Danielle replies, getting off of Kristi’s face and laying down on the blow up bed. I spread her legs and plunge my face into her pussy. I tongue her pussy and she moans right away. “Kristi, I can eat you out if you want?” Without saying anything, Kristi stands up and kneels over Danielle’s face. She thrusts her tongue into her pussy and does the same thing I’m doing to her. She knows this works as I’ve gotten her off multiple times with my technique. I keep eating Danielle out for the next five minutes slipping my index and middle finger in every so often. As I’m circling my tongue around her clit I start to hear Kristi moaning and I look up to see that she’s about to orgasm. I quickly plunge my face back into Danielle’s pussy and lick her clit. I feel her spasm and she starts to orgasm at the same time Kristi is moaning and orgasming.

“That…was…amazing!” Kristi says, getting up from Danielle’s face.

“Yes it was,” Danielle replies. “My babe gives the best head and I was doing the same thing to you that he was doing to me.”

“Well, I think he deserves a reward.” Kristi gets off the bed and comes over to me and pushes me onto the bed. As I’m laying there, Danielle makes her way next to Kristi and they both kneel in front of me.

“I think you’re right Kristi.” Kristi grabs my cock again and proceeds to lick the tip of it. My cock starts to throb again and I know this won’t last long. She then puts the tip of my cock into her mouth and slowly inches more and more into her mouth. She gets about six inches in before she starts gagging. She then starts thrusting her head up and down on my cock while licking the shaft. After she does this she tries to deep throat my cock again but gags at the six inch mark again. “Let me show you how it’s done.” Danielle then grabs my cock from Kristi, kisses Kristi on the lips, and then proceeds to put my cock in her mouth. She easily gets the first six inches down and them slowly gets the rest in. She holds it there for five seconds licking my balls a little and then pulls my cock out.

“Wow,” Kristi exclaims. “You’ve obviously had enough experience with his cock. I wish I could do that.” Danielle hands my cock back over to Kristi and Kristi proceeds to start sucking my cock again. She tries one more time to deep throat it and this time gets another inch in. She pulls it out of her mouth. “Dammit, so close!”

“I’m about to cum!” I tell the girls.

“Not yet,” Danielle says. “You’re coming inside me.” She then bends over the bed, Kristi kneels over the top of her, leaving her boobs right in front of my face. I thrust my cock into Danielle’s pussy and put one of Kristi’s nipples in my mouth. I play with her nipple with my tongue as I’m quickly thrusting in and out of Danielle’s pussy. Within seconds I’m shooting strand after strand of cum into Danielle’s pussy. Once finished, I turn around and fall on the bed, Danielle on one side and Kristi on the other.

“That was great!” I say, out of breath.

“Yeah, it was!” Both Danielle and Kristi say at the same time. We all pull ourselves onto the bed fully and proceed to drift off into sleep.

(This next part is all fake and just a fantasy of mine. After we all fell asleep, we woke up, got dressed and went on our way. We still talk to Kristi here and there but haven’t had a threesome with her again…yet.)

A couple hours went by and I’m awakened by a slight moaning sound. I pop my head up and see Kristi giving Danielle head. I look over at Danielle and she’s still partially asleep. Kristi sees that I’m awake and motions for me to fuck her doggy style while she eats Danielle out. I get off the bed and walk up behind Kristi and thrust my fully erect cock in her pussy. She moans loudly which ends up waking Danielle up. “What’s going on?” She asks before looking up and seeing Kristi’s face in her pussy and me fucking her from behind. “Ooohhh.” She says and lets it keep going. I fuck Kristi for a couple more minutes and then have an idea.

“Kristi, if you would like, you should lay on top of Danielle and make out with her. That way I can go back and forth thrusting into both of you.” I wait eagerly for her reply. She looks up and Danielle and she just shrugs her shoulders and nods her head. Kristi then gets on top of Danielle. The view of their huge tits squishing together is amazing. Kristi then starts making out with Danielle as I thrust my cock into Kristi a few times. I pull it out and then thrust it into Danielle a few times. I keep going back and forth while Kristi and Danielle keep making out and moaning. After a few minutes of this I feel myself about to cum. I pull my cock out of the pussy I’m in, thinking it’s Kristi’s, and thrust it into the other pussy, thinking this one is Danielle’s. After fucking Kristi’s pussy for a couple more seconds I start shooting strand after strand into her pussy. When I’m finished I look down and see I’m inside Kristi’s pussy and quickly pull out. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!”

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