Happy Birthday To Me!

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I walked into the apartment and didn’t see her anywhere. From the doorway I’m able to see the entire living room and kitchen with the open floor plan. I also can see the doors of our bedroom and the guest room, they are both closed.

Dropping to one knee I set my lunchbox aside and began to unlace my boots. “Hey babe, I’m home!” I shouted in the general direction of the bedroom door.

Almost immediately the guest room door opened and Tania walked out, closing it behind her. The question of why she was in the guest bedroom, and not our master bedroom flashed in my mind. But it is quickly forgotten as I see what she was wearing.

She had her long blond hair in two pigtails, held by a red bow on each side of her head. She had a little too much eye liner on her pretty, blue eyes and a big exaggerated smudge of rouge on each cheek. Her lips, painted bright red, showing a naughty smile.

“Hey you,” She said as she struts towards me, swinging her hips, her red high heels clicking as she walked across the hard wood. “How was work? I’m sorry you had to work on your birthday!”

By then she is standing in front of me. I gaze at her body, she’s wearing a schoolgirl outfit that’s way too small for her. Her shapely, smooth legs disappear into her red plaid skirt, which barely covers her pussy. Her tight white button down shirt is open to just below her big tits, which are braless and straining the thin white fabric. Her hard nipples are obvious, and inches from my face as I knelt there with a gaping mouth.

She bends at the waist and I get a delightful view of her cleavage before her smile blocks the view. I realized she was waiting for an answer to her question and I tell her, “Work was fine. We had to finish that job up today. And besides, we need the money.”

“I know baby. And I was selfish to ask you to call off today.” She kisses me softly and tells me, “It’s just that hitting 30 is a big milestone, and I wanted to make it special for you.”

“Well greeting me in that outfit is pretty fucking special!” I tell her with a big smile. “Glad you like it.” She says with a sweet, girlie voice. “Now stand up, let me help you with those boots.”

I stand and she kisses me again, before dropping slowly to her knees in front of me. She smiles up at me and starts to work on my boot laces. She lowers her eyes to gaze at the growing lump in my jeans, now just inches from her face.

With my laces undone she indicates for me to lift my feet up, one at a time so she can remove my boots. I place my hands on her head for balance and she smiles up at me again.

She pulled off my boots and the socks from each foot, then started on my belt buckle, then the button and zipper of my pants. Her face flushed with lust as she worked to get my pants off.

“Did you like the selfie I sent you at lunch time?” She asked with a sweet voice, playing the schoolgirl role again.

“I loved it!” I told her honestly. The selfie had been taken in the bedroom, showing her naked body sprawled on the bed. Her nipples were hard and she had two fingers buried in her pussy. “John thought it was pretty fucking hot too!” I added.

Her eyebrows raised and she asked, “Really? You showed him?” She was by now pulling my pants down to my ankles. My hard prick pushing against my briefs towards her face.

Still holding her head I again lifted my feet to allow her to discard my pants into a pile beside her. “He was behind me when I opened it. He saw it over my shoulder.” I explained. “Do you mind that he saw it? Saw you?”

“I don’t mind if you don’t.” She told me in that sexy, innocent voice. “Did you like him seeing your naughty girl?”

I wrapped her pig tails in my fists and pulled her face against my prick. I knew she could feel the heat through the fabric as she groaned with lust. “I loved it, he told me how lucky I am to get to fuck you.”

“Well you know, while I was laying there, masturbating, I was thinking about all the sexy fantasies that we talk about in bed.” She confessed. “And you know that John comes up in those fantasies about as often as Brit does.”

Her sexy friend Brit did come up in our fantasies often. I thought she was very hot, and we flirted constantly, just like Tania and John did. And Tania and Brit for that matter.

I felt my cock throb against her lips at the mention of our graphic pillow talk. She put the cloth covered head of my dick in her mouth and sucked hard. I groaned in response, feeling the moist, wet heat of her mouth on the head of my cock right through the fabric.

She pulled her mouth off my dick, and looking up at me with her big blue eyes, she told me, “I was a naughty, naughty girl all day. But I was thinking about you, and how you work so hard to provide for us.”

She ran her hand up and down my shaft as she went on. “I was thinking that you deserved a reward for being such a great guy. That maybe I could make one or two of our fantasies come true for you. For your big birthday.”

“Which one?” I asked. istanbul travesti “Which fantasy?” My voice was husky with excitement as I watched her pull the elastic waistband of my underwear out and over the head of my cock. My mind ran through the various subjects of our pillow talk. The dirty things we said to each other when we fucked.

I watched her rub my cock across her full lips and over her cheek and nose, to the other cheek, and back down to her mouth where she ran her tongue around the tip of my swollen head. She left a trail of my precum across her pretty face.

“Which fantasy? That’s what I was thinking about as I worked my wet pussy with my dildo.” She told me finally. “Which fantasy would you like to act out the most.”

Before I could answer she suddenly got up from her knees and told me, “And instead of telling you, I am going to show you.” She wrapped her hand around my prick and used it like a leash to drag me further into our apartment. “But first you need a shower.” She was still using the little girl voice that was so sexy and went with the outfit she wore.

She led me to the fridge and grabbed me a bottle of beer from inside, then drug me along to the small hall that led to our bathroom. As we passed the guest room, my mind again went to the fact that she had come out of there, and not our room.

But before I could question her about it she had me in the bathroom and turned on the shower as she told me, “Now you take your time. Drink your beer, get your body nice and clean for me. Especially this beautiful cock!”

“Yes dear!” I told her smiling. “But don’t you dare make yourself cum!” She admonished. “Just get it clean. And don’t be too long, I have been waiting all day for you.” She said quietly as she went back out of the room, closing the door behind her.

As I washed the days grime off my body I went back over the questions I had. Why did she come out of the guest room? Which fantasy would she make come true? Most of our fantasies involved other people. Either Brit or John joining us in bed. Was she really going to make one of those fantasies happen?

John had gotten a phone call towards the end of the day and he left work early. He was in a hurry when he left and would only say he had something to do. Was he a part of this?

I couldn’t help but stroke myself with my soapy hand, thinking about tag teaming Tania with John. Or Tania and I playing with Brit. We had so many scenarios that we used to excite each other in bed.

But I remembered her directions to not get off. Plus I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for me. I didn’t want to waste my load down the drain. So I rinsed off quickly and got out of the shower.

I went to the sink and quickly shaved and brushed my teeth, then practically scurried out to find my woman. The only reason I took the time to shave was because I love eating pussy right after shaving, it just feels better with my face freshly shaved. And I had every intention of eating some pussy!

When I got to our bedroom she wasn’t there, and I paused in confusion. I hadn’t seen her anywhere, the only place she could have been was the guest room again. I was about to turn to go look when suddenly she was behind me. She pressed her body against mine and wrapped her arms around me.

Her hands went straight to my cock and grasped it firmly. “Where were you baby?” I asked. She stroked my cock with one hand and fondled my balls with the other, pushing her tits into my back.

She didn’t answer the question, instead asking one of her own, “Did you get your big dick nice and clean for me babe?” She kissed my neck and rubbed her tits against my back. Again I was totally distracted from my questions.

“Yep, nice and clean for you.” I answered as I reached behind myself to grab her ass and enjoyed her attention. “Good. Your balls feel nice and heavy, full of yummy cum. You must not have washed your dick too much.” She giggled.

“Nope.” I answered. “I didn’t want to waste it. I know how much you love it.” She continued to slowly jack me off and roll my balls in her other hand. “I do love it. Thank you. Now get on that bed!”

She gave me a push and I climbed onto the bed. She tackled me before I reached the pillows at the top and pulled my shoulder to make me flip over on my back. Once I was settled she straddled my hips and I felt her heat and wetness on my dick. I looked down and realized it was my first peak of her panties, and they were the red, crotchless pair I had given her last Valentine’s day.

“Crotchless? You really are a naughty girl, aren’t you?” I asked her. I ran my hands up her thighs and clasped her ass, squeezing and rolling her hips to rub her wet snatch on my dick. She was rolling her hips along with me when she whispered, “Pull my tits out baby.”

“Oh fuck yeah.” I replied as I reached for her shirt. “Put them in my face honey!” I pulled her shirt open more and her big tits bounced free. She grasped my wrists and stretched them istanbul travestileri out above my head, her body moving up mine and putting her luscious tits in my face at the same time.

“MMMmmm!” I moaned and started to kiss and lick her tits as she twisted side to side, moving them over my face “Do you trust me?” She asked breathlessly. “Do you trust your naughty little girl?”

I gasped “Yes, I trust you!” But even before it was all out of my mouth I heard the clink of the chain and felt the Velcro on my wrists. Before I could think, she had my wrists secured high above my head.

“Good!” She said as she sat up. I saw those titties displayed in all their glory, and automatically tried to reach for them, but my hands were bound securely. She moved forward until her pussy was resting on my chest. I could both feel her arousal, her wetness, and smell it, it was so close.

She leaned way over towards the nightstand and her pussy came into view. It was as engorged as I had ever seen it. Swollen and gaping, it looked like it did after I had fucked the hell out of her. I imagined that she had really been busy with her dildos. I wanted so badly to taste it, but it was out of reach.

She sat back up and I saw her phone in her hand. “I wanted to tease you awhile and stretch this out, but I can’t fucking wait anymore!” I asked what she meant, but she just ignored me, swiped the phone and deftly tapped it a few times. Then I heard the ascending “whoop” of a text being sent.

“What are you doing babe?” I asked, with maybe a little consternation. She leaned back over to put the phone down and asked her own question. “You trust me, right?” She sat back upward and gave me such a deliciously naughty smile, while hefting her big titties, that I could not help but say “Yes.”

She lowered one hand and started to rub two fingers over her clit, “And you like when I’m a bad girl? A naughty girl?” I was about to tell her that she already knew the answer to that. That she knew I loved it when she was a naughty girl, but suddenly I was surprised to see movement beside her. I caught my breath as Brit appeared beside the bed!

The fact that someone else was in the room was surprising enough. Add to that the fact that it was Brit, one of the most popular of our sexual fantasies, and she was dressed almost identical to Tania, and I was completely blown away!

“Hey stud,” She said in that smoky voice of hers that I had always found so sexy. “I hear it’s your birthday!” I couldn’t form words for a reply, so she leaned down and kissed me. It wasn’t the typical happy birthday from the girlfriend’s best friend. It was hot and passionate and made my cock throb.

Eventually the kiss ended and she kept her face close to mine and said, “Happy birthday! Your slutty girl here told me all about the naughty things you guys talk about when you’re fucking, and it made me wet! Then she told me about the plan she had for your birthday, and I just had to play with myself, and the next thing I knew, she was lapping at my pussy!” Her face lit up as she told me, “And I came soo fucking hard!” She climbed up on the bed and kneeled next to Tania as I lay stunned.

She put an arm around Tania and pulled her close, and began to massage her closest tit. I simply groaned in response, “Ohh, fuck! That’s so hot!” I told her. “I know, right?! She has great tits.” She gushed. Her face was flushed with excitement.

I looked at her and Tania kneeling side by side, Tania’s tits were much bigger, but Brit’s were standing up proudly in her shirt. There was no sagging at all, and her nipples appeared darker through the thin white fabric.

Tania saw me looking and reached out to pull Brit’s shirt open too, allowing her tits to spring free. Her tits only bounced briefly before settling on her chest, a testament to their firmness. I only got a second to admire them, before Tania’s hands blocked my view.

As I watched Tania’s tan hands grope Brit’s pale white breasts, she asked me, “Her boobies are awesome babe, I bet you would love to play with them, wouldn’t you?” My hands instinctively struggled against my bonds as I looked at her, causing both women to giggle at me.

I watched as the girls continued to fondle each other. Then Brit leaned in and kissed Tania briefly. “We’re going to let him loose eventually, right?” Brit asked hopefully. “Of course, but first we are going to show him some of what we were doing while he was at work!” Tania said sweetly as she reached down and cupped Brit’s pussy.

Then they were making out, kissing, groping, fingering each other’s pussy, moaning, going at it like it was the last sex they would ever have. And all I could do was watch.

Tania was still straddling my chest, with Brit right beside her. They were literally right above me, and I couldn’t even touch them. I was in ecstasy watching them. I was in agony not being able to join them. My cock was throbbing and I needed someone to touch it. But it seemed like they had forgotten travesti istanbul I was even there, they were so into each other.

Two hot women dressed in naughty schoolgirl outfits, right in front of me and I had to just watch. One, my girlfriend, tan, shapely body and blonde hair, held up in pigtails with a pair of red ribbons tied in a bow. Her big tits hanging out of her white shirt. Red plaid skirt bunched up to show her red crotchless panties. White thigh high stockings and red heels.

The other, her friend, with her jet black hair held by two white bows, pale white skin, also with her tits hanging out of her white shirt. Her titties not as big, but standing out firmly. She wore the same short red plaid skirt, also bunched up to show that she had no panties on at all. My girlfriend’s fingers stroking her labia, which was swollen and darker than the surrounding skin. Her stockings and heels were black, matching her hair and the opposite of her pale complexion.

All that inches from my face, and all I could do was watch! I couldn’t even reach down to stroke my own cock! “Fuck! You two are driving me crazy!” I finally blurted.

The hot and heavy make out session was broken up with laughter. The two lusty ladies looked down at me with a mixture of glee and pity. “Oh you poor guy, I bet you would like some action too, huh?” Tania asked me.

“I, I need something!” I sputtered. “I need to touch you, or I need you to touch me! Something!”

As I was saying this, Brit was looking back behind Tania at my dick. “Wanna suck his cock together?” She asked excitedly, but casually. It was like she was asking her to go to the park and toss the frisbee around.

“That’s a great idea!” Answered Tania. “I just knew you were going to be a fun girl!” She swung her leg over to dismount my chest as Brit wrapped her hand around my girth. “You weren’t kidding, this is a great cock!” She said as she ran her fingers over the tip gathering the precum that had oozed out, and offered it to Tania.

Tania took the offered hand and turned it back to Brit. “It’s okay babe, I get to taste him all the time. You can have it.” Brit smiled at her and said “Thank you!” Her voice husky with lust.

She looked at me with exited eyes and stuck her tongue out. She placed her fingers, wet with my precum, on her tongue and drew it back into her mouth, her wide lips enveloped them with a growl.

“Mmmmm.” She hummed with her fingers in her mouth. Then she pulled them out slowly and told me, “That’s good! I can’t wait to see what your jizz tastes like!” I was about to tell her to help herself to it, when Tania spoke up, “You’re going to have to wait for a little more honey, we have to do a few things first.”

“Right, well that will be fun too!” She replied, then looked back at me and added with a wink, “And it will be worth the wait. I promise.” Between her lusty smile, sexy voice and the firm grip she had on my cock and I almost shot off right then!

“So let’s suck this great cock then.” Tania exclaimed. They both leaned down and each of them wrapped their lips around their own side of my prick. I moaning loudly as their mouths met with my cock in between. They lapped it simultaneously with their tongues and then started to slide their mouths down to the base and back up.

It was done with such coordination that I thought it had to have been practiced. Had they been practicing with one of Tania’s dildos? I didn’t care at that moment, I was in heaven.

With my hands strapped together above my head I had to strain my neck to watch these two sexy women as they worked together on my dick. But I didn’t care, any cramps or discomfort I had to endure would be well worth it.

I watched as they went down and up my length in unison, kissing my head and each other on every trip up to the tip. They moaned with enjoyment, and I realized I was moaning right along with them.

Eventually Brit stopped and said to Tania, “You weren’t lying when you said he had a great dick! It’s just the right size, I can’t wait to fuck him.”

Tania stopped her sucking and said, “Would you like to blow him by yourself for a while first? I would love to see that.” Her voice strained with excitement, I knew how long she had waited for this.

Brit turned to me and said with her sultry voice, “I would love to suck his cock for awhile!” Then while still maintaining eye contact, she engulfed me. She hummed with satisfaction and I groaned in pleasure as I watched her beautiful face take my cock almost to the hilt, then slowly come back to the top. The sexy noises she was making, and the look on her face told me she was enjoying herself, almost as much as I was. This was better than I had ever imagined it would be.

I watched as she started a slow, easy rhythm, bobbing her head, sucking my cock, her dark eyes watching me, watching her. My hips began to rise and fall to the rhythm she set. We were pretty well in sync with each other, and I knew she could drain me soon.

I started to think about what would happen afterwards. Would I get a chance to show her that I loved giving as well as receiving? Would I be allowed time to recover so I could fuck her? Tania and I always said we wanted to see the other person fucking someone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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