From Emails to Owned Ch. 02

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From Emails to Owned 02

Ken would nervously check his phone every morning for a new story to be added to his wife’s account. It became a ritual of disappointment and angst, hoping it would appear–wondering what his wife was going through with Darius. A little more than a week since he had let his wife walk out the door with another man, he saw in the fetish section, a new story.

‘Dorothy becomes Owned: Day One’ was tempting, and yet mocking, him on the screen. He tapped to open it…

I’d just let myself be whisked away by my bull, my pussy aching, as we traveled. I was craving cock in my pussy that was so close, yet I couldn’t have. At some point, even my excitement couldn’t keep me awake, and I must have dozed off.

I woke up in soft sheets and bright lights, the curtains having just been pulled open. Burying my head in the covers, I expected to feel Darius’ firm grip shake me awake. Instead, it was a soft rub from an equally supple hand, and melodic voice calling, “Wake up, I’ve made us breakfast.”

Rolling over, I looked up. Before me, stood a woman of average height; black hair, with streaks of purple, combed to one side, the other side of her head shorn smooth, with an iridescent lily tattooed, where hair normally would exist. She wore a simple nightie that tented out in-front of her, her large breasts keeping the fabric away from her stomach and making sure her long, colorfully tattooed legs were exposed. She walked out, waving her hand, “Come on, sleepy head. Let’s eat.”

Not knowing the layout of the house, I followed the smell and sound of the kitchen. As I walked down the hall, my feet folded against the hardwood. Soon enough, I came upon the kitchen, the women sitting at the island overlooking a large window, staring out into the forest beyond.

“Come sit, sit,” she waved, her eyes aglow with excitement at the new guest, as I sat down and started to eat. “My name’s Rosalia, Rose for short. I’m Darius’…well, I’m kinda Darius’ right hand, of sorts. I cook, I clean, I organize and plan events; I do piercings for him, general assistant work and I help him with his little pet project like yourself. He hasn’t had a project for a bit, so it’s been a bit boring, but now you are here.”

Rose began to eye me up and down as we ate. “Darius said you were petite. He wasn’t exaggerating. We’re going to have a fun time making you into the woman of your fantasies. It just may take you a bit longer, a bit more stretching.”

Still in shock, I didn’t say much–which I think, Rose quite liked. She liked to talk about everything and was quite pushy. Once we were done, she dragged me off to the shower to clean off for the morning. I’d just slipped in and started to let the tension in my body wash away, as the water washed over me–when Rose jumped in the shower, too.

“Hehe, let’s see what we’re working with. Don’t worry, this is one of my favorite parts.” She proceeded to help soap my body, but as the bubbles washed away, her hands stayed caressing me. She dragged her fingers over my hard nipples, massaged the back of my neck, her colorful skin dancing over mine. I couldn’t bursa escort get over the sight of her breasts, especially as she rubbed my own, with a look on her face.

“Nice right? Mine used to be on the small side like yours, but the doctor coming later did this work. He’s amazing. I love it when a lovely pair of eyes can’t look away from them. Hehe,” she giggled, squeezing and pinching me.

“I don’t think I’d want tha–” I tried to reply, as her hand reached for my clit. It had been many weeks, and I was so desperate to have my hole filled.

“You never know. I’m sure a slut like you, likes the attention, and these tits get me lots of attention,” she said, as she continued to massage my clit with her finger. She shoved me against the wall, the tile cold on my back, and her warmth pushing me from the front.

She knelt down and admired my pussy. “Your piercer did a nice job, good placement,” she giggled, as she stuck her tongue out, lifting my clit and sucking it into her mouth. Jolts of pleasure and confusion ran up my body.

“I can’t, I’m not really into girls,” I was able to get out between panting breaths.

Her eyes looked up at me, admiring my body, as it writhed and became flushed. She pulled away. “Well, Darius says your mouth needs a lot of work, so if your pussy won’t be touched by him ’til he’s happy with your mouth. So just enjoy it. I’ll take good care of you for him, while Darius is at work.”

She proceeded to dive deeper into my pussy, and I count’t help but grind into her assault; thankful for the stimulation I’d been missing. Her deft tongue gave me an orgasm with surprising quickness, so much so that my knees buckled. She held me up, pushing my back against the wall as I came, suspended on her mouth, my legs wrapping around her head and digging into her back.

She let me down; still weak, I lay on the floor, the water washing over me. She stood and grinned, happy with her work. “A slut like you wants to come, you’ll do anything for it. Finish washing and I’ll be waiting in your room. We have a few more things to take care of before you’re ready for Darius.”

Doing as commanded, I finished up and walked to my room, curious what would be expected of me. I was hoping for a world of big, black cocks; never did I think I’d be getting orgasms from such a confident woman. Rose sat on one side of the bed, with a tray full of clean, shiny metal.

“Don’t get dressed just yet and lay back,” Rose purred. “I’m just going to add some jewelry to you. I know your pussy so well now, this should be quick and more-or-less painless.”

“More?” I asked, pleading in my eyes.

“Yes, more. Darius’ orders. Don’t worry, I’m a pro; it was my actual job before meeting Darius.” She smiled, as she thought about the powerful man, of what I assumed was both our dreams.

She was definitely a pro, I lay back, and in no time and minimal pain, she was done and cleaning up. She held a mirror for me. I now had four black rings piercing my labia, crossing from one side to the other, closing off access to my pussy.

“But,” was the only word I could get out.

“Darius had trouble bursa escort bayan with his first project. She kept trying to use her pussy before he was done with her mouth. This way, it keeps you honest. And it keeps you safe at the party. Those will get divided into eight rings only when Darius is ready to use your pussy.”

I could feel my jaw drop, with the realization flooding me of what I had gotten myself into. I was not expecting this. I was not ready for this. But what I was…was turned on. Darius, quite literally, owned my pussy from that moment.

“I’ll give you a minute. The doctor should be in to give you your birth control, and a general check up.”

I sat alone for a bit–waiting, thinking, fantasizing. The doctor walked in and got to work. I’m still not sure what he did because I was far too distracted by him. He was tall, with caramel-colored skin, hazel eyes, and freckles on his cheeks. His strong hand was a delight to have on me. His smile was a lustful grin. He was being professional, but I could tell there was a tremble in him that gave away the fact he wanted me, just as badly as I wanted him.

But, he soon left, and Rose walked in with a snack. “Darius should be home soon. Want to play a game while we wait? It’s one of my favorites.” Before I could answer, she shoved her phone in my face asking, “What do you think? Rate it?”

On her phone was a beautiful hard black cock, uncircumcised, veiny and long, half of its length jutting out from the light-skinned hand holding it. “What do you think?” she questioned, raising her eyebrow.

“Umm, it’s very nice. Almost as nice as Darius’,” I responded, biting my lip, wishing that dick was actually in front of me.

“It’s the doctor’s; it rubs your cervix so nicely, and it’s a nice change of pace from some of Darius’ more-girthy friends,” she said, grinning as widely as the Cheshire cat. Pulling her phone back, she swiped round, and flipped it toward me.

This one was kind of disappointing–a white guy, with a dick that seemed like it wouldn’t poke out of its owner’s closed fist. “Well, I know which one I’d prefer,” I responded, giggling having to judge such a small dick after seeing the doctor’s.

We laughed, ogled, and judged more dicks on her phone, almost all of them big and black, with a few small white ones thrown in, to appreciate the size difference. We lay together enjoying our time, until we heard a familiar voice call out, “My Lily, please bring the slut here.”

“Darius awaits, let’s go, and take the robe off, he’s going to want you naked to inspect my work.”

Rose dragged me down the hall holding my hand, rushing me to the living room, where, presumably, Darius waited.

He sat on the couch, dressed in a fine, charcoal suit, smiling at my naked form being pulled before him. Rose stood me in front of him, and grabbed at my thighs, exposing and pulling at my tender labia. “See,” Rose exclaimed, “I’d say my best work yet. It was a challenge putting four in such a tiny cunt, but she took it like a champ. I like her.”

His grin became toothy, and he spoke with a raspy tenor, “I hope you escort bursa had fun with my Lily. She’ll be helping you evolve in my absence; after all, I have things to do besides my sluts. Now, slut, we’re going to put on a show for you and I want you to watch carefully because this is what will be expected of you within the first month. If you can’t keep up, then I might just send you back to hubby. Or, maybe, I will think of other fun things for you.”

So enamoured by the sex and power of the man before me, I hardly noticed Rose kneeling before him, adjusting herself, wiping her mouth, licking her lips and pulling out the massive cock that was in my mouth yesterday. She didn’t bother to pull his pants down, she just pulled it out of his zipper and started licking and drooling on the head, making slobber and slapping noises. Her hand wrapped around the base of his cock aiming it upward.

But soon, the hand was moved away, and I looked on in awe as Rose used her whole body to force herself onto his cock, passing it deeper and deeper until it almost seemed like a ‘pop’ happened, and it was down her throat. It bulged obscenely, as she pushed forward, grinding her nose into his pubic bone. Sticking her tongue out and licking his balls, and she forced the base into her. She rocked back and forth with great speed, face fucking herself on his cock. It was glinting with so much drool, it ran down her chin and onto her chest, causing her tattoos there to shine in the late afternoon sun.

She was well experienced, with a rhythm that allowed her to breath between each of her throat’s strokes. Darius just sat back and grinned, as he gently moaned. His hands resting behind his head, satisfied that the desire he created in women, was the only force he needed.

Soon, Rose moaned loudly, and pushed herself down and held herself there. I could see Darius’ balls convulse and pulse for nearly forty-five seconds. Rose must have let it all stream down directly into her stomach because not a drop was spilt. She stopped kneeling, and lay down on the floor, panting.

Darius put his cock away and walked over to me. “I’m sure you’ll be just as good, soon enough. Now, come, let’s have some drinks in the kitchen. My Lily should come to her senses quite quickly, and make us all some dinner.”

You wouldn’t believe what followed after such a display of debauchery– kindness and romance. We talked and laughed; he listened and I listened; he smiled and kissed my hand; it was like we were on a first date. It was as if I didn’t see firsthand what he had wanted me to become. But deep down, I knew, and the fact that he so nonchalantly moved on from such a crazy sex act–just made me want him more.

He walked me to my room later that night; after we had cuddled, kissed, and watched a movie. “Sleep well, slut. Tomorrow, my Lily will help you prepare, but I want to see if you can even get close to her performance. Now, I must go reward her for her efforts. I hope to give you my rewards, just the same.” With that, he kissed my forehead and backed away from the door, grinning.

I lay in bed, thinking of it all, getting ready to sleep when I heard it. The pounding and the screaming. He was rewarding Rose, using her in ways I so desperately wanted to be used. I went to sleep, enviously listening and gently rubbing my tender pussy; sad that it was, quite literally–barred from me.


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