Cumnoisseur Ch. 03

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Story by Brian Porter

“I have a measuring tape somewhere.” Logan was searching in his wardrobe, rummaging in his drawers, and throwing clothes on the floor.

I was excited. I was watching my friend’s ass while he looked for that tape. I was pretty damn sure my butt was bigger than his. He’d finally understand how bad it was to be on the side of the small ones. I was tired of listening to him bragging about how big his dick was. Dick size has never been a topic between the two of us, but now it’s become like an obsession for the two of us. Logan happy on one side, and I frustrated on the other thinking about how to get a bigger one.

“Here it is,” he lifted his arm all the way up as if celebrating his success. “I knew it was here.”

The two of us were naked already so we could measure our butts without a problem. We only had to find out how to do it to each other.

“I’ll measure you first,” he volunteered. “Turn around.”

Apparently, Logan knew what to do already. I turned my back to him. He kneeled and got his face dangerously close to my butt. I watched him from over my shoulder. Logan got the tape around my waist and, without any ceremony, touched my ass while measuring me up.

“Fix it on the front. It needs to be somehow parallel to the ground,” he instructed.

“It is already.”

“Good. Memorize more or less the position of the tape on your body, so you can do the same with mine,” Logan stood up, and I turned around to face him. “Fuck, dude. You have 42 inches of ass. That’s like one of those porn cunts we watch.”

I laughed. “You won’t be able to beat me on this one, asshole. Stop your bullshit.”

“Your turn now,” Logan lifted his arms but didn’t turn around.

“Turn around,” it was my turn to give the instructions. Logan, however, didn’t move.

“It’s better if you do it while I’m facing you. This way, you’ll know if the tape is at the same level. Where was it? Over the pubes?”

“Yeah. Fuck, man. I don’t want to touch your hair,” I protested.

“What’s the big deal? I may have pubic hair everywhere in this apartment, and it doesn’t stop you from coming here.”

He was right. Besides, I didn’t want him thinking I was a whining bitch. On the contrary, Logan used to acknowledge me as his best mate because I was game for everything. Touching his pubic hair shouldn’t be a problem.

“Where was it at?” Logan was looking at his crotch.

“Like here,” I pointed to a spot that should be about one inch above the base of his flaccid dick.

Logan didn’t try to help me with my task. He remained still with arms wide open.

“Go on then.”

Now I understood why he had to get so close to my butt when it was his turn. To get the tape on the other side of the body, you have to do so. The problem is that I was getting closer to his dick and not his butt. So close I could smell his dick and pubes. It smelt more or less like mine I guess. It was not a smell new to me. It was stronger than usual because we had just cum, and he should have dried cum in his pubes. I confirmed it when my hands touched his hair that was a little wet.

“I may have cum there,” he stated the obvious.

“Yeah, you do. You smell bad over here, dude.”

“It’s a man’s scent. Whores love it. You may smell the same.”

“Not as bad,” I was trying to fix the tape into the right position, but Logan started to move around, and the task became a little harder than I expected.

“So, you don’t smell like a man?” Logan laughed.

“Fuck you, asshole. Just stop moving, so I can do this right.”

Logan rotated his body from one side to the other, and his dick, which was hanging down on top of his heavy balls, got a little impulse from the centrifugal force applied by his movement and touched my cheeks. Twice, to be precise. On both sides of my face.

“Stop it, dude,” I complained now. Logan was a joker but I couldn’t let him do whatever he wanted. Well, most of the time I would but not now.

“Just teasing, man. Relax. That’s a dick slap,” he laughed.

“Yeah, you slap your bitches, not me.”

“Relax, man. Chill.”

I could finally finish my job.

“HA! Bitch! I got like seven inches over you,” I jumped up and danced like a freak. “You have only thirty-five inches, asshole,” I twerked as part of my celebration.

“Fuck it, dude,” Logan was disappointed. I loved it. “Now I got to do something about it,” he said defeated.

“What you gonna do? Don’t cry, ok?” I was still laughing.

“Fuck you. Can you stop?” I was dancing over his bed at this point. I hoped down and stopped dancing but couldn’t pretend I wasn’t happy. “I’m saying I need to work out my butt more. That’s all. I think that in three months or so I can get a nice as big or even bigger than yours.”

“Nonsense,” I’d never admit that.

“I’m telling ya. There’s a routine for men who want a big ass that is perfect. It was planned by another student here in this uni.. I’ll show you the routine later. You better watch out coz I’m coming for you.” It was Logan’s turn to laugh now.

I couldn’t let that happen. I’d work my ass twice as almanbahis hard. If he was getting bigger, so was I.

“The real problem here is not my ass though,” Logan continued. “It’s your dick. We need to think about how to make it bigger, right?”

“What do you suggest?”

“We could try some traditional methods like pumps and stuff. There are pills… I don’t know. We gotta make our research. But I know for sure that if you remain limp as I said, it will work best.”

“Yeah, but I said that’s difficult…”

“Hey, try this!”

I didn’t have time to think. When I heard Logan, I only had enough time to catch an object he had thrown at me. When I looked down at my hands, I saw one of his jockstraps.

“What do you want me to do with this?” I asked.

“Sniff it,” He ordered.

“Are you nuts? I’m not sniffing your jocks.”

“Remember when we were talking about stuff that would work like a boner killer? You can think of dicks. My dick. Or the smell of our locker room. This shit smells like the lockers. I’m sure you won’t get hard if you’re smelling that. And if you are hard, you’ll go limp if you give it a sniff.”

“I wonder, man.”

“Well, why don’t we give it a try?”

“What are you planning, bud?”

“I wanna wank again. I’m thinking about that film you love. The one where the guy is very verbal and dominant. Do you remember how he holds the bitch by the hair and asks who owns her cunt?” Logan was being very descriptive. Indeed, that was my favourite porn. I confessed to Logan I loved the way the man dominated the bitch and said shit to her. I’d love to be like him. I mean, be more verbal and say everything I want. But I could not. I’ve tried once, but it was lame. I didn’t feel comfortable at all talking when fucking.

Logan, on the other hand, was a verbal master. He could say so many nasty things to the bitches he fucked, I’d even feel sorry for them. I mean, I could feel sorry for them if it wasn’t so hot. Once I asked him how he could be so verbal. He said it felt natural to him.

It was hot. I can’t deny it. So hot that once I jerked off while I heard him fucking one of those bitches on the other side of the wall. I imagined it was me doing that. When we gangbanged chicks together, I’d cum listening to him saying stuff I couldn’t. Still, I wished I could.

As Logan continued with his descriptions, the two of us were getting hard again. You can’t stop teenagers from having boners. But that was the whole purpose of this experiment. Stop me from having a hardon.

“Fuck, man. Sniff the jock!” He yelled.


“Sniff the jock!”

I brought it to my nose and gave it a good sniff. I wasn’t expecting it to smell so strong.

“Fuck, dude. This isn’t washed!” I couldn’t believe I had smelt my bud’s used jock.

“Of course not. You need to smell sweat balls, not lavender. Sniff it again!”

“Fuck, dude,” I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Just do it, man. Before you get hard.”

By this time, I was half hard. A little more and I’d get a full boner. I couldn’t let that happen. I brought the jock back to my nose but made sure to keep a safe distance and sniffed again. I inhaled deeper. It was like a drug, it got to my brain straight away.

“Man, this won’t work if you don’t do it right. Here,” Logan walked to me and pushed my hand onto my face. He rubbed his jockstrap on my nose, and it also touched my lips, eyes and everywhere else.

It was a long torture. I tried to turn my face away from Logan, but he wouldn’t let me. When I finally did it, I was gasping.

“What the hell?” I yelled at him.

“Success!” He yelled back.


“Look!” He was pointing at my crotch. I looked down and yes, I was limp again. We both smiled.

“Fuck! It worked.” I was happy too. Could that be what I needed to keep me from having erections? I could still smell Logan’s jocks on my face, but I didn’t care. I was just happy. If a limp dick could help me to get a bigger dick, I’d be down for anything. I was competitive. It could maybe make me one inch longer. I could then use a pump and other stuff and get two or three more. I’d end up bigger than Logan.

“That’s such a great achievement,” Logan laughed.

“I know.”

“But I still need to cum. We should watch the porn together. While I jerk off, you can keep practising.”

“Yeah, sure.”

I wasn’t still thinking about the bad side of the deal Logan was offering me. He knew me too well. I wouldn’t think about anything if I believed I was winning. And, at that moment, I thought I was the winner. I could control my erections. Logan couldn’t. Well, he didn’t need to. But still, I could do something he couldn’t.

In my mind, it was natural for two friends who looked so similar and were so close to challenging each other. We didn’t need to say the word ‘challenge’, but this is what this whole situation was about. We made sure to look the same, so we could be friends.

When I started hanging out with Logan, we weren’t close like now. We met in wrestling practice, and all wrestlers are naturally competitive. During my first almanbahis yeni giriş weeks, I wasn’t so obsessed with winning, but the competitive environment added to the various sorts of advantages offered by coaches and the university to winners awakened me to this side of my personality that I didn’t know. Logan and I wanted to be the best of the best, but we knew that on the top there could be only one. We decided never to talk about it, but that was the reality.

When we talked, we’d pretend we were equals. We could even believe in this, but deep inside that has been never the case. We could go together until the two of us were the only ones left, but we’d then fight each other to know who would get to the top. Alone.

I remember when we were banging chicks. We wanted to share the joy. But I knew that if we ever got to a time where only one would be picked, we’d fight for that. I think we both feared it. We helped each other because we didn’t want to see ourselves colliding. I liked Logan more than anything, and I felt the same from him. But what if we had no choice? What if I had to choose me and not him?

It can be a little twisted, I guess, but that’s how I felt. So, that’s what crossed my mind when I caught myself sniffing my friend’s jockers. I was beating him.

“This shit smells bad,” it did smell terrible, but I wouldn’t stop sniffing it.

“If it smelt good, you wouldn’t go soft, right? I could find you panties smelling pussy, but that would only make you harder. And your dick smaller.”

“Where did you see that getting soft can get you a bigger dick?”

“A friend shared an article with me. I can send it to you if you want. It’s scientific shit. Do you want to take a look?”

“Yeah, sure.”

We both sat down on his couch. Logan was still hard, and I was still holding his jocks. Logan got his phone and opened a PDF file. It looked legit by the appearance of the article. He was scrolling fast, so I couldn’t read it all, but I found the words ‘penis’ and ‘size’ in the title. Maybe, ‘how erections affect the size of the penis’ or something like that.

Logan was looking for the conclusions, apparently.

“Here. They made the research with a hundred guys our age. They found out that guys who were raised in extremely religious families and had never jerked off till the age of eighteen had dicks three to four inches bigger than other guys like us.”

“No shit.”

“I’m telling you.”

“So, these church boys are all hung?”

“Well, as long as they don’t wank, yeah.”

“Fuck. What else?”

“There’s a lot of info. They say morning woods contribute signif…… significantly to make dicks smaller…”

“Damn. I’m screwed then. I have morning woods every day.”

“Really? Man, I rarely have one. It must be making yours smaller by the day.”

“What else?” I was becoming increasingly worried about those facts.

“Hey, it makes sense, right?” Logan stated before getting back to the article. “We had almost the same size when we first met. But yesterday, when we were in the shower, was the first time I noticed how small your dick looked. If it looked this small before, we would have talked about it a long time ago, right?”

That sounded reasonable. So, that was the reason why we never discussed the size of our dicks. My dick could have lost one or two inches since the time I started practising wrestling.

“What else?” I didn’t want to talk about it.

“Uh… The more you wank, the smaller you are… Uh… If you keep your dick limp, you can get a few inches bigger…”

“And you still wanna wank?” I asked a little worried for him.

“Man, I’m big. I can lose one or two inches, and I’ll still be above average. I don’t mind sacrificing a few inches if I can still cum. Actually, that would be great for us, right? I mean, I’m more or less four inches bigger than you. If I lose two inches, and you gain two, then we’d be the same.”

“And if you work out your glutes, you could be as big as me too,” I suggested. I was becoming a lot more enthusiastic. I wasn’t a lost cause after all.

I was confident he wouldn’t get a butt as big as mine. Logan never exercised his butt. He believed it was superfluous. As for me, I’d give it top one priority. As for our dicks, I’d have to find a way to keep myself soft even in the morning. I didn’t know how I could do that.

“Are you sure this article is legit?” I asked. I did have my doubts because I’ve never heard anything of the sort before.

“I’m telling you, man. Legit stuff.”

I got my phone and opened google. I just didn’t know what to type. I tried many combinations of words, but I didn’t get anything that matched what I needed. The terms were too vague. I did get a lot of porn stuff, but nothing that looked like science.

“Can’t you find anything?” Logan asked.

“Not really…”

“Well, we got nothing to lose if we give this a try, right? We can go extreme too, so we can get faster results. Like, I wank twice as much as now and keep my dick hard, while you stop wanking completely and keep yours soft. What do you think?”

“Yeah, almanbahis giriş we can try. In the meantime, I can also try stuff like pumps…”

“Sure. We can buy those shit for you. But don’t forget what matters here. I get hard and wank. You get soft and don’t wank.”

“Yeah, I know. I know.”

“Let’s watch the porn then and see how it goes.”

Logan was soft when he turned on the TV.

“You don’t know how to stay soft, and I don’t know how to stay hard. It’s a problem for the two of us, bro. Good we have each other. This can make things much easier.”


Logan didn’t take too long to find the video I liked. It had my name on the folder. We once catalogued our favourite videos in different folders. Most of them contained films of chicks swallowing cum, but in my folder, there were several ones of guys being verbal and dominating chicks. I loved when they held them by the hair and spat on their faces. How they’d call them names.

“Here it goes.”

Logan pressed the play, and I was instantly hard.

“I don’t think I can watch this video and don’t get a boner. It’s my favourite,” I was a pessimist.

“So, try harder. Sniff my jocks. Here.”

He took the piece of cloth from my hand and rubbed it against his pubes and balls.

“What the fuck, dude?”

“I’m just trying to help. Maybe you sniffed it so much the aroma is fading already. Try it now.”

Logan threw the jock on my chest. I hesitated for a moment.

“You can’t expect it to feel good. The more disgusting, the better, right? You have to stop thinking too much or this won’t work. Go on and sniff it.” Logan reprehended me.

I brought it closer to my face, and Logan rushed to press the jock against my nose.

“You either go for it or leave it altogether. If you don’t want to go for it and for real as you mean it, then let it go at once.”

I knew that sooner or later Logan would stop helping me. If my dick did get bigger, and his smaller, he’d change the plans. He would never be able to live on knowing my dick was longer than his. It all made sense to me, but it was still too soon to see him giving up. He should have a second plan that I didn’t know yet.

I showed him I was sniffing the jocks while I rubbed them on my face.

“Ew, disgusting, bro,” he laughed.

“Just stick to the plan, right? You get smaller, and I get bigger.”

“Yeah, yeah…”

The video was playing in the background, but I tried to focus on the jockstrap. Logan was right. That was utterly disgusting. As I rubbed it against my face, I felt even worse. The video could be hot, but nothing could be hot enough to let me keep an erection while I sniffed Logan’s jockstrap. When I thought that that fabric had his balls’ sweat in it, I felt like throwing up. But I couldn’t quit my part of the deal.

Logan was keeping his. He was jerking off on my side. I think I was paying more attention to him than to the video. I didn’t want to get hard and watch him wanking helped me with my goal.

“I can’t believe you’re not getting hard,” he stated.

“Told ya. I’m taking this seriously, man.”

“Fuck, dude. You’re good. I don’t think I could.”

Yeah, I was more determined than him. Challenges meant a lot more to me than they did to him.

“How do you want my load?”

“I don’t need to swallow it now. The taste can’t have changed…”

“We don’t know that, do we? What if the taste changes even when we don’t change our diet. We need to make sure.”

“I’ll grab the bowl.”


I got the same bowl we had used before.

“Hey, bring the fake cum too, so you can compare. Maybe you want to use the microwave?”

“Sick,” I complained but did heat up the fake cum for a few seconds. Somehow, I felt like drinking it cold was impossible, but warmed up it felt more like a porridge or thick soup.

I brought the bowl and the glass to the couch and sat down. On the TV, the guy was fucking the bitch senseless and calling her names. I was getting hard again.

“Look at my dick, dude. Focus on my dick,” Logan noticed my situation. My two hands were busy, and I couldn’t grab the jockstrap and sniff it.

“Fuck, dude,” the problem wasn’t only the images, but also the sound. I could hear loud and clear how the guy yelled at the bitch, and how she moaned at every thrust of her dick into her cunt.

Logan let go of his dick and brought the hand that was holding it to my face.

“Here smell this.”


“I’m trying to help, dude. Just stop whining and sniff. My hand smell like dick and dick juices.”

I closed my eyes and focused on the hand on my face. Yeah, it did work. Logan eventually let go of my face, when we were sure I was soft enough.

“Dude, you can’t get hard. We need to do everything we can to achieve that,” Logan resumed his stroking.

“Here,” I gave him the bowl and he took it.

“Drink half of the cum. So, you can remember the taste again.”

I took the glass to my mouth and let it into my mouth. Logan had said I’d get used to the taste. I just didn’t think it could be so fast. I mean, it tasted bad, but I’ve never been picky to food anyway. If I were offered this drink without knowing what it meant, I’d say I could drink it without problems. Besides, it was healthy indeed. Logan used egg whites and milk in the formula.

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