Black on Black Cuckolding

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Salutations, people. The name is Christopher Watson and I’m a big and tall young Black man of Jamaican descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I hold an MBA from Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business and presently work for the Canadian Revenue Agency. Being a CRA auditor is a supremely boring job but someone has to do it. Anyhow, when I’m not at work, I make my own fun. Ottawa is one of the most boring places on the planet, so you have to make your own entertainment at times. Otherwise you just might die of boredom.

I spend a lot of time online, mostly browsing through BDSM websites. My favorite is Fetlife, which does for kinky people what Facebook does for regular people. I shouldn’t say that. Kinky people are just regular people who happen to be kinky. Anyhow, while browsing Fetlife one night, I came across an intriguing group. The title of it alone made me shake my head. Black women cuckolding Black men with Black Bulls. Um, what the fuck? I’m familiar with cuckolding and it usually involves a big-dick Black dude fucking a lusty white wife in front of her limp-dick white husband.

A lot of white people are into that shit, man. I have played with many such couples. Last month I went to the suburb of Orleans, Ontario, and met with Jonathan Tremblay and his wife Gina. They’re a forty-something white couple of French Canadian descent. He’s a lawyer and she’s a schoolteacher. They were looking for a Black Bull for their, ahem, festivities. Well, that sounds right up my alley so after some phone conversations, and a quick meet-and-greet inside the Rideau Center, I went to the Tremblay residence in Orleans for some fun.

I had a lot of fun with Gina, man. The forty-something, red-haired and green-eyed French Canadian woman was freaky as hell. I could tell just by looking at her. Got that freaky gleam in her eyes, man. Gina knelt before me and sucked my long and thick, uncircumcised chocolate dick while her husband Jonathan watched us, masturbating. Dude seemed really turned on by the sight of his wife sucking a brother off. What is it with white guys wanting to watch white women getting fucked by Black men? Shit. I don’t know and I honestly don’t care. Bring on the delicious white pussy please!

I fucked Gina real good, putting her on all fours and spanking her big white ass while slamming my dick into her cunt. That’s what I like about white women from the French Canadian communities. They’ve got booty, and a lot of them are freaky. Gina cussed her husband while I fucked her, stunning the hell out of me. I mean, the stuff that came out of her mouth made me blush. And I am a former member of the Jamaican Naval Forces. We sailors can cuss like istanbul travesti the best of them, and Gina would put some of my old Navy buddies to shame. Hot damn. Are suburban white mamas freaky or what?

After I finished fucking Gina, the freaky white mama insisted that I take off the condom and shoot my cum all over her thighs. I found that odd but did it, shrugging. Once I finished ejaculating, Gina summoned her husband and made him lick my cum off her thighs. Wow. Dude licked every drop. He even sucked my dick. Now, I’m bisexual but I didn’t come here for any man-to-man action. I let Jonathan suck my dick but politely declined when Gina asked me to fuck him in the ass. Ahem, thanks but no thanks.

A little while later, I showered and left the Tremblay residence. Like I said, I’m bisexual but mostly into women these days. All I wanted to do was keep on fucking hot women in front of their husbands. Turns me on, dammit. I just never expected to meet Black women and Black men, actual Black people, who were into the cuckolding lifestyle. I met a Somali couple on that group, if you can believe it. The lady’s moniker was Mistress Bashira and her husband’s handle was Ali-Sub89. Wow, a Black Muslim couple where the wife is a dominatrix and the husband is her submissive. Hot damn, now I’ve seen everything!

When Mistress Bashira and Ali-Sub89 contacted me, I was surprised. They told me they were used to reactions of disbelief, shock and even anger when encountering newcomers to the site. Simply put, as freaky as the world of online BDSM is, a Black Muslim couple into cuckolding and female domination is definitely something that would stand out. Typically, whether Christian or Muslim, Black folks tend to be more conservative than other ethnic groups. That’s simply how we are, I guess. Of course you’ll meet freaky and outgoing Black folks who break the mold from time to time, but they’re relatively rare. Just a fact about the Black community in general. We’d been talking and flirting for a week before Mistress Bashira and Ali-Sub89 invited me to dinner at East Side Mario’s restaurant inside the Saint Laurent Mall.

I went to the restaurant clad in a red silk shirt, Black silk pants and Black tie. I’m a snappy dresser, whether I’m at work or not. With so many punks out there walking around with their pants hanging low, someone has to show the world that sharp-dressed gentlemen of color still exist. I was pleasantly surprised to find Bashira Hassan and her husband Ali waiting for me. The lady was tall and gorgeous, with dark brown skin and lively brown eyes. Her pretty face was framed by a silvery hijab and she wore a stylish silvery pantsuit. Her husband istanbul travestileri Ali was tall and slender, with light brown skin, curly Black hair and lime-green eyes. I later learned he was mixed, born in Mississauga to a Somali immigrant father and white mother. Dude looked gorgeous in a Black silk shirt, gray silk pants and Black Timberlands.

I greeted them happily, and we got to know each other over lasagna, cheese pizza and Pepsis. I must say, when I think of a Muslim couple, Bashira and Ali were not what I was expecting or envisioning. Bashira Hassan was born and raised in the City of Calgary, Alberta, to Somali immigrant parents. And she holds an MFA from the University of Calgary. These days, she works for the government. As for her husband, he studied Criminal Justice at the University of Ottawa and works for the Ontario Ministry of Corrections. Oh, and they’re the proud parents of twin daughters. Man, I was mightily impressed.

We talked about life, politics and religion, and the outward religiosity and private freakiness common to most Black folks in North America. After dinner, they invited me to their place. A lovely apartment located near the Embassies section of the east end of Ottawa. Pricy neighborhood. Once we got there, Bashira and Ali Hassan discussed what they expected of me, and we agreed on safe words, condoms and boundaries. All couples I’ve dealt with say the same things. It’s part of the game. Without further ado, we got the party started.

I lay on the Hassan’s king-sized bed, stark naked, and Ali sucked my dick while a gorgeously naked Bashira start nearby, fingering her hairy pussy, rubbing her tits together and watching us with great interest. I always knew there were women out there who liked male on male action. I just never thought I’d meet a Black woman into bisexual men, let alone a Black Muslim woman with a bisexual Black husband. Live and learn, eh? Man, Ali is really good at sucking dick. Got me hard as hell in no time. Rolling a condom on my dick, I got ready for the fucking.

Bashira came over, and lay on the bed in front of me, legs wide open. Smiling, I gently rubbed my hard dick against her pussy and winked at Ali. The Somali dude played the part of the cuckold perfectly. He came over and guided my dick into his wife’s cunt. I began fucking Bashira with deep, powerful strokes. The sexy Black Muslim mama licked her lips and urged me to fuck her harder. While I fucked her, Bashira barked cuss words at Ali, calling him every damn name in the book. I guess Black Cuckold Queens are just as mean as the white ones. Doesn’t bother me none.

After I finished fucking Bashira, I pulled off the condom. She travesti istanbul gestured for Ali to come over and suck my dick. I watched as the Somali cuckold sucked my dick, and then licked his wife’s pussy. Wow. I thought only white dudes were into this shit. Interesting to find out some Black women and Black men are just as freaky. I guess Black Muslims are freakier than people realize. After getting my dick sucked, I was hard and eager to fuck. Since Ali wanted some of my magic stick, I decided to give him some. I bent the Somali brother over and his wife Bashira lubricated his ass before holding his ass cheeks wide open for me. The kinky Somali wife guided my thick Jamaican cock into her Somali husband’s asshole. And just like that, I put my hands on Ali’s narrow hips and began fucking him in the ass…

While I slammed my thick ebony dick into Ali’s tight asshole, he buried his face between his wife Bashira’s gorgeous chocolate thighs and licked her sweet pussy. Later, Bashira donned a strap-on dildo and made Ali suck it while I filled his ass with my eight inches of Jamaican manliness. Ali was moaning and squealing as I fucked his ass. His wife Bashira’s dildo silenced him. I fucked him even harder. I wanted his Somali ass to remember my Afro-Caribbean dick. I’ve seen a lot of Black Muslim guys with Christian sisters from the African and Afro-Caribbean communities. These guys from Somalia and Gambia fuck a lot of our Black Christian women while their Black Muslim sisters remain off-limit. Well, tonight, I definitely got some payback. I fucked both a Somali sister AND a Somali guy! Just call me the bisexual Black Crusader! Hey, I’m not prejudiced or anything, I just believe in fairness and equality, that’s all. Fuck my woman and I’ll fuck yours, got it?

The tightness of Ali’s ass finally proved too much for my dick and I came and pulled out of him. The Somali dude slumped on the bed, spent. His wife Bashira had other plans. Grabbing Ali, Bashira put him on all fours and plugged him. I mean, she pushed her strap-on dildo so far up his ass you couldn’t tell where he ended and she began. Nice. I jerked off while watching them and when I came, Bashira ordered Ali to drink it. The Somali dude drank my cum like the obedient Black male slut he is. I smiled and nodded. A cuckold is a cuckold regardless of race or religion.

A little while later, I showered and left the Hassan residence with the heartfelt thanks of Bashira and her husband Ali Hassan, A.K.A. Mistress Bashira and Ali-Sub89. I went home that night feeling oddly giddy. Look, it’s not every day you make history or do something unique, you know? I mean, before tonight, I thought of cuckolding as something only white folks are into. It took a kinky Black Muslim couple to prove to me how wrong I was. Now I know that anyone can be into any kink regardless of color, gender, orientation or religion. The human race is freaky, man. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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