Auntie Babs Farm Pt. 16

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Barbara checked her watch, there was plenty of time. She looked at the door, seeing Richard and Abigail’s suitcases, they were packed and ready to go. The summer was drawing to a close, and it was time for them to return home. She thought about this summer, what a summer of discovery it had been for all three of them, her mind pleasantly drifted back, remembering things…

Richard and Abigail had become full-time lovers, Barbara encouraged them to make love whenever they felt, and she was able to watch them going at it. The door to their bedroom had never been closed, and the first time she peeked in on them, Abigail turned her head, and smiled at her, then she whispered to Richard, and he turned his head to see her.

Abigail had cooed, “Come closer Auntie Babs, feels so sexy to have you watching us.”

Barbara had done so, quickly getting naked, sitting right next to the bed. She’d masturbate to the incredible sight of brother and sister locked in that steamy incestuous embrace, Richard’s thick, hard cock buried deep in her sister’s pink folds.

With the built-up sexual tension, it didn’t take long before the room was a tumult of orgasmic cries, as Richard blew his balls deep inside Abigail’s welcoming warmth, Barbara’s flying fingers would take her over as she wildly stroked herself to completion, Abigail’s cries of completion joining in, as she felt the pulsing of his cock, then the rich liquid warmth gushing deep inside, filling her womb with his hot sperm.

When Richard would pull out, Barbara would dive in, and suck out all the thick sperm he had just pumped into Abigail, her talented tongue licking her sexy niece to another shaking orgasm.

Sometimes, when Richard was fucking Abigail, he’d want to mark her body with his load, he’d pull out, urging Abigail to take it, and as she grasped his slick rod, and began to pump it, Richard would growl and grunt, his cock jerking in Abigail’s grip, and his cock would erupt. Barbara’s heart was pounding and her pussy was gushing as she watched Richard fire his hot, white streams of spunk over Abigail’s breasts, her stomach, the cum painting white trails over her body, down over her mound, and then dribbling onto the lips of her spread open pussy.

Barbara was always eager to lick up all that hot, wet cum, and as she settled to the task, on her hands and knees, ass up and pussy inviting, Richard would grasp her hips, and impale her on his still rock-hard cock. Ahh, the hard-ons of his young, eager cock, always ready for more, and Barbara growled as she felt his bone-hard cock stuff her to the max, as she licked up the hot cum, the hot streams that Richard porno had sprayed Abigail’s body with, then went after Abigail’s throbbing orgasm trigger.

Barbara always wanted her face sprayed down, shoving two fingers up Abigail’s creaming center and working over her G spot, it didn’t take long for Abigail to explode, her girl cum splattering Barbara’s face, setting off her orgasm as Richard would grunt loudly, and his cock would fire a volley into his Auntie Babs’ soft, silken wrap.

Abigail had taken several day trips into the city, to meet up with Traci, her Victoria’s secret salesgirl, and she spent sex-drenched afternoons with her, their tongues, fingers, and toys working over each other’s bodies, cumming again and again, and Abigail couldn’t get enough of her soft skin, her luscious kisses, the feel of suckling at her stiff nipples, licking at the sweet little rosette of Traci’s ass, and tasting the rush of wet heat at her pussy.

With Traci introducing butt plugs, it just got hotter and hotter, the feeling of their assholes spreading open made them wild with lust. Traci was an energetic, eager lover, and she gave back to Abigail as good as she got, their afternoons a sex-drenched ride of pleasure.

When Abigail would get home, she’d relate every sex-drenched, explicit detail, and in her bedroom, Barbara and Richard would work her up to another frenzy, and Richard’s cock would get a good long workout, his cock pounding the two wet, very horny cunts of his sister and her Auntie. When he needed a break, the two ladies would suck his load out of each other’s cunt, and that never failed to bring him back up for another round of hot sucking and fucking pleasure.

The phone rang, and Abigail’s voice called out from the kitchen, “I’ll get it, Auntie.”

A few moments, later, she called out, “It’s for you, Auntie.”

Barbara picked up the phone, and she heard the masculine tone, “Hey sweetheart” and her heart stopped for a second. Clint, oh my god, it was Clint, he was on the phone, the 6 months had been torture, her mind started to race around. What was he calling for? Was he okay? Was he coming back, was this a goodbye call? She fought to find something to say.

She finally managed to say, “Clint?” in a very unsteady voice.

“Baby, it’s so good to hear your voice. I finally wrapped up the last of my affairs, I’ve been untangling the mess that my brother’s estate was left in when he died. If you still want me, I’m at Newark Liberty International, and I’ve already got my ticket to come back. Should I come back, for good this time?”

She felt like her heart was about to burst with porno joy, and she gasped out, “Yes, oh my god, come back this very minute. I need you so much!”

His voice a seductive growl, he said, “Okay sweetheart, my flight should get in at 10:50 PM, and I’ll see you then?”

The gates of hell wouldn’t keep her away, and she could feel her pussy start that deep down warming, when he got there, she would be more than ready.

She cooed, “I’ll be waiting for you then sweetie!”

They hung up, and Barbara realized what great timing that was. Abigail and Richard were on the 10 PM flight to San Francisco, so she could just wait right there until Clint’s plane landed, and then, when they got home…her pussy moistened delightfully, as she thought about his skill at licking her, then plunging that stiff, beautiful rod deep inside her, riding her until he exploded a thick, juicy load, splashing his cum deep inside her inner sanctum.

She could feel the lips of her pussy fattening up, the blood was rushing to her center, and her juices started to slick up her lips. She needed a good hard fucking, right now. She looked at the clock, plenty of time.

She pulled off her clothes and marched into the living room. Richard and Abigail looked over and did a double take, she saw the lust-fueled smiles as they saw her nudity.

“One last time before you go home, Richard, I want you to fuck my pussy, fill me with a thick, creamy load, Abigail, I want you to sit on my face, so I can lick you until your gush your girl cum all over my face!”

Barbara could feel her pussy, so horny and wet, virtually dripping as she lay down on the thick carpet, smiling at her niece and nephew. Abby eagerly swung her leg over Barbara’s face, she was facing towards where Richard was positioning himself, eager to watch the sight of her brother fucking Auntie Babs.

Abby grasped Barbara behind her knees, gently pulling her legs back, tilting her hips up, and spreading her open, she could see her Auntie’s cunt, all pink, wet, and slick as Richard nudged against her.

Beneath Abby’s body, the scent of her niece’s tight teen cunt filled Barbara’s nostrils, it made her lust pound.

Abby felt warm hands looping around her hips, then pulling her down, and as her Auntie’s tongue made contact with her cunt, Abby purred with lust as she felt the wet, soft contact at the very same moment that she watched Richard push in, and bury his cock in one hard thrust. She could feel her tight lips vibrate from Auntie’s pussy muffled growl of pleasure, oh god, the feel of her tongue, spreading her lips apart then wriggling in deep, always türk porno made Abby beyond just horny, it made her hot as hell.

Barbara’s cunt was quickly stuffed to the max, her growls of pleasure muffled by Abigail’s hot, dripping pink seam, and she heard Richard’s grunt as her pussy eagerly accommodated his swollen cock.

Richard pulled back and started a steady rhythm, pumping in and out, the slick tightness of his Auntie Babs’ walls clutching at his cock. Richard grunted with pleasure on each thrust, the tight grip of his Auntie’s cunt around his cock was fucking great, she had the tightness of his sister, and this had been the best summer ever. Seeing his Auntie Babs’ body spread below him, pinned to the floor by his thrusting cock, and the lust-fueled smile of his sister Abby, letting off little coos and moans of pleasure as slowly rotated her hips, letting Auntie Babs’ tongue work over her steaming cunt, he could feel the cum starting to build.

Abby’s face had a blissful, dreamy expression as she rode her Auntie Babs’ face, oh god, she knew how to lick her, she felt two fingers stuff her cunt, and yeah, oh yeah, she felt her G spot getting polished, she was gonna cum all over her Auntie’s sexy face. Abby was dripping all over as she continued to grind her pussy against her Auntie’s face, moaning with pleasure. Abby felt herself on the verge, then the rush, and she began to buck wildly.

“Oh fuck yeah, lick me, Auntie, keep licking, make me cum, yeah, yeah, oh fuck I’m cumming fuck YES!!” Abby howled.

With a shudder and a howl of pleasure, Abigail exploded, her cunt started to squirt, and Barbara took a face full of hot girl cum as she worked over the throbbing, pulsing pink flesh riding her mouth. Her niece’s body shook and moaned in the tight grip of climax, as Barbara continued to use her tongue, stroking all over the wet pink flesh, eager to give Abigail all the sensation she could handle.

Richard was watching, and he felt the rush, his cock swelled to maximum extension, then his balls let go, and he could feel the hot spunk sizzling up his shaft. Richard’s loud groan of pure pleasure joined the cries of orgasmic delight as his cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, and he slammed as deep as possible inside his Auntie, his spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, gushing thick ropes of cum deep into her delightful tightness.

Barbara let out a rising wail of pleasure, the feel of his cock pumping a flood of hot cum, her spasming cunt sucking it right into her womb gave her the final push to climax, and her pink walls started quivering and milking, clamped eagerly around Richard’s cock, demanding every drop.

The three bodies shook and cried out in the midst of their orgasmic completion, Abby smiled, Ummm, a three-way cum, what a great way to top off this summer.

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